Which Menstrual Cup?

Deciding which brand of menstrual cup to buy can be daunting. While many women will have success with any brand of cup, thereMenstrual Cup Comparison are some instances where it may be a case of trial and error. Or, depending on cervix height and your level of menstrual flow, there may only be a couple of suitable options. Below, you will find some stand out brands that are particularly good in certain situations.

A few things to think about before making your choice:

1. Do you have a low, mid, or high cervix?

It is essential that you learn a bit about your body and try to determine if you have a low, moderate, or high cervix. This is particularly important for women with a low cervix, as they will not have success with longer cups. Similarly, women with a high cervix may have a lot of difficulty removing a cup that is too short.

2. How are your pelvic floor muscles?

Have you had a few children and find that your pelvic floor is weaker than it used to be? Perhaps you experience mild incontinence after sneezing, jumping, etc. You may need to find a cup that is specifically suited to a weak pelvic floor.

Are you a Pilates or Yoga master and have really great pelvic floor strength? You may need a firmer and/or smaller cup.

3. What is your level of flow?

Do you mainly use or need to regularly change larger tampons? Opt for higher capacity cups if they suit your cervix height. If you have a lower cervix but need a higher capacity cup you could consider the Merula One Size. If you have a very light flow, you may be fine with smaller model cups.

4. All menstrual cup brands offer a couple of different sizes/models. It is worth noting that generally, women over the age of 30 who have had children will usually need a larger model cup, and women under the age of 30 who have not given birth will usually need the smaller model cup. The exception to this might be if you are over the age of 30 but have extremely strong pelvic floor muscles, you have a very light flow, or you have a tight vaginal canal. In these instances, you may need to opt for a smaller size. 

With your answers to the above questions in mind, lets have a look at some of the cups that are particularly suitable to certain situations:

All rounders

Here are what we call the ‘all rounder’ cups which will work for most women. They are similar in size, firmness, and features. They are also suitable if you have a mid, or mid to high cervix.

Budget Friendly

Is a budget friendly cup that is still of excellent quality most important to you? and do you have a mid to high cervix? Try these options:

Please note: these are longer cups (longer than the ‘all rounder’ cups above) and may not be suitable if you have a mid or mid to low cervix.

Making a Difference

Not too fussed on the brand of cup you use, but would like to know that your purchase will also provide a cup for another woman or girl in need? These brands operate a Buy 1, Give 1 program in which they donate 1 cup for every cup sold through their retail partners. Mia Amika is a little different and instead plants a tree for every cup sold:

  • Sale! Ruby Cup Australia

    Ruby Cup

    Original price was: $ 39.95.Current price is: $ 34.95.

Most brands are in some way helping put an end to period poverty. They do this by engaging in various activities to help educate and provide cups/resources to women in need. You can find out what a particular brand is doing in this regard by clicking on the dignity icon in each product description.

Pelvic Floor Strength and Cervix Height

If you have a very small or tight vaginal canal, are a teenager, or are under the age of 25 with very strong pelvic floor muscles, we recommend choosing the teen models in the following brands:

If you have a high cervix (perhaps even have trouble touching it), are under the age of 35 and have good pelvic floor tone, then the Hello High Cervix or Lily Cups are a great option. Both of these long cups are available in two sizes to accomodate different stages, flow levels, and pelvic floor strength.The Lily cup is the longest cup we currently have, measuring 78mm (including the stem).

If you have a high cervix (perhaps even have trouble touching it), and have moderate to poor pelvic floor tone, these are some good longer cup options that have a wider diameter:

If you have a low cervix and/or moderate to poor pelvic tone. Opt for a shorter, wider cup. These brands offer a low cervix model:

If you have a mid or high cervix, an above average level of fitness, and very strong pelvic floor muscles, then you may be best suited to a firmer cup. Strong pelvic floor muscles can sometimes break the seal of softer cups, resulting in leaking. A great option for very fit women is the Meluna Sport:

High Capacity

Do you have a heavy to very heavy menstrual flow, regularly needing to change regular to large tampons throughout the day? and do you also have a mid to high cervix? The larger models of these brands offer much higher capacities than the all rounder cups but may not suitable if you have a less than mid height cervix. Currently the highest volume cup we have is the Merula XL which has a 50ml capacity.

Do you have a heavy to very heavy menstrual flow, but only a low cervix? Unfortunately most of the high capacity cups are longer and are more suitable for women with a mid to high cervix. At this stage, your best options would be the low cervix cups listed further above, which you may need to empty a little more often.

Soft Cups

Soft Cups are often referred to as ‘fiddle cups’ as they can sometimes be more difficult to pop open and therefore require a bit more of a learning curve. If you regularly suffer UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infections), or you have been able to feel other menstrual cups when inserted in the past, we recommend opting for these softer brands:

Firm Cups

If you are needing a firm cup:

Menstrual Discs and Period Sex Suitable

If you are looking for a reusable menstrual disc that can be worn during sexual intercourse, then these cups are for you. They are also high capacity, super soft and flexible, and sometimes more suitable for women with a tilted/retroverted uterus:

Australian Made

Juju and TOM Organic menstrual cups are proudly Australian designed and made cups, with the Juju company based in WA, and TOM Organic based in VIC.

Material Composition

Cups made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) include:

Most other brands are made from Medical Grade Silicone with the exception of the Keeper cup which is made from Latex (natural gum rubber).

Satisfaction Guarantees

Currently, Organicup is the only brand that offers a satisfaction guarantee. 

Duo Packs

If you are unsure of what size you need and would like to try both sizes, or if you are looking for a more economical way to buy two different sized cups in the same brand, then a duo pack is a great option.

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