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What is the Diva Cup?

Launched worldwide in 2003, the DivaCup is one of the most popular menstrual cups on the market. While this is a popular and very reputable brand, it is also one of the longer menstrual cups and may not be suitable for women who have a mid to low cervix.

DivaCup™ Features:

  • Made from the highest quality medical grade silicone which ensures both your comfort and the long term durability of the cup
  • The DivaCup is hypo-allergenic and free from latex, plastic, PVC, acrylic, acrylate, BPA, phthalate, elastomer, and polyethylene.
  • The DivaCup has extra grip ridges around the base to assist with the removal
  • Hollow stem
  • Can be worn for up to 8 hours
  • Available in 3 sizes: Model 0 (for teens), Model 1, and Model 2
  • Comes with a storage bag and detailed usage instructions
  • Has FDA registration and is listed in the ARTG (ID: 173694)
  • Manufactured in Canada

Until the effects of colours and dyes on the body are better understood, DivaCup has decided to err on the side of caution and only manufacture a clear cup.

As with all menstrual cups, if you have any gynecological or medical concerns or conditions, please consult with your medical practitioner prior to using a menstrual cup. Use the Diva Cup according to its directions. Discontinue use and talk to your doctor if you experience any adverse effects.

DivaCup Models:

Model 0: For women who are new to the world of periods and under 18 years of age.
Model 1: For women under 30 years of age who have never delivered vaginally or by c-section.
Model 2: For women over 30 years of age and/or for women who have delivered vaginally or by c-section

You may also find our Menstrual Cup General Sizing Guidelines helpful in deciding the best size Diva.

How to use the Diva Cup:


  1. Boil your cup for 5-10 minutes before first using your DivaCup.
  2. Thoroughly wash your hands prior to insertion.
  3. Choose your favourite cup fold. When first learning to use your Diva cup, you may wish to experiment with one of these 9 Folding techniques to help find the one that works best for you.
  4. To insert the cup: sit on the toilet or stand with one foot resting on the bathtub or toilet seat. Gently separate your labia with your free hand.
  5. While holding the folded cup between your thumb and forefinger, push the curved edge of the folded cup into your vagina horizontally.
  6. Continue to gently push the cup into your vagina until even the stem is within the vaginal opening.
  7. Once the DivaCup is in your vagina, grip the base of the cup (not the stem) and rotate the cup 360 degrees in each direction. This will create a seal.


  1. Wash your hands
  2. Sit on the toilet, squat, or stand (whatever feels most comfortable). Gently separate your labia with your fingers.
  3. With your forefinger and thumb, gently pull on the stem until you can reach the base of the cup.
  4. Pinch the base of the cup. This will break the suction seal. Use a side-to-side downward motion to carefully remove the cup from your vagina.
  5. Once removed, keep your cup upright so that your flow remains in the cup.
  6. Empty the contents into the toilet and thoroughly rinse your DivaCup before reinserting.

The DivaCup should be emptied, washed, and reinserted at least 3 times a day and can be worn overnight without concern of leaking. Most women need only to empty it in the morning and again in the evening. By monitoring the fullness of the cup over a couple of cycles, you will quickly learn how often to empty it according to your specific needs. Most women find that the cup is not even half full after 8 hours. For those with heavier flows, the cup is simply emptied more often during the day.

Some DivaCup users find that the stem is too long and causes irritation. If the stem feels uncomfortable, use scissors to trim the stem slightly.

If you have a fairly regular cycle, you may wish to insert The DivaCup right before your period to avoid spotting.

How to Clean the Diva Cup:

Just like your skin, your DivaCup deserves the best! Wash it thoroughly with cold water and a mild, unscented, oil-free soap. For best results, we recommend using DivaWash, although any brand of menstrual cup cleanser is suitable.

The tiny air holes under the rim of your DivaCup must stay clean. You can clean these by running them under water, or very gently using a toothpick to push out any stubborn debris.

At the end of each cycle, boil your DivaCup in water for 5-10 minutes or use a microwave menstrual cup steriliser.

If you notice a sticky or powdery film on the surface of your cup or any damage to the silicone, it is time to replace it.


Model 0, Model 1, Model 2


Model 0: 17ml
Model 1: 24ml
Model 2: 28ml

Model Dimensions

Model 0: 39mm Diameter, 57mm Total Length, 10mm Stem Length
Model 1: 43mm Diameter, 70mm Total Length, 17mm Stem Length
Model 2: 46mm Diameter, 70mm Total Length, 13mm Stem Length

35 reviews for DivaCup

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  1. Taylor (verified owner)

    A very average cup, nothing special. I’m not sure why this brand/product is so popular.

    When I opened the box, I was struck by a very strong chemical/rubber smell which was off-putting. Not a fan of the branding. It comes with a bold purple pouch to store the cup in, and it very much resembles 90s teen period care (and not in a cute nostalgic way).

    A little tricky to insert and remove because of the cup’s firmness, but once inserted it springs open quickly. The cup also has very strong suction because the air holes are so tiny which made it difficult to remove. This cup was a little too firm for me and it felt uncomfortable/painful. No leaks. Probably not ideal for those with a low-medium cervix.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. Kim P. (verified owner)

  4. Tamara (verified owner)

  5. Emily (verified owner)

    Game Changer!!

  6. Sarah (verified owner)

    I have only used my cup once, but have had absolutely no issues, was easy to insert and remove and makes me feel good knowing i am not adding to the waste in the world with tampons/pads.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy to use, easy to clean. Much better than tampons it pads- less mess and waste!

  8. Bianca V. (verified owner)

  9. Clio (verified owner)

    Softer lip compared to others which helps me remove it comfortably. Great fit, I’ve cut the stem down and am confident and comfortable with this cup. Second cycle down and it’s working well.

  10. Kathy (verified owner)

  11. Marina (verified owner)

    The initial outlay is expected however it’s worth it in the long run BUT it makes it harder if you want 2 of them. Maybe a buy a 2nd one at at cheaper price

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

  13. Tammy C. (verified owner)

    I have only used my cup for one cycle so far but I really like it. It gets easier to use each time. I had a messy situation one day when my cup runneth over but I now know how much it holds and when I need to empty it. I also like that I am doing a little something for the environment. I would definitely recommend it.

  14. Emmi (verified owner)

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Hard to get in hard to get out

  16. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    It takes a bit of getting use to

  17. Melissa (verified owner)

    It definitely works. A little bit awkward to use at first but I paired it with period undies so I didn’t worry. Couldn’t feel a thing when it was in properly and the instructions were very helpful.

  18. Sarah (verified owner)

    The stem was not long enough and I had a lot of trouble removing it! I bought one with a longer stem and have had no issues since.
    Everything else is perfect, much better than tampons!

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very happy with the diva cup, it gives me piece of mind and allows me to do any activities at anytime. I do a LOT of camping and my work is outdoor focussed, often without proper toilet facilities or running water. I find using the diva cup great, and a lot easier to manage then throw out alternatives. The 12 hour use time is very convenient. Cleaning of the cup while outdoors is easy with drinking water. It is easy to insert and remove on lower flows or on days your expecting. Highly recommend!

  20. Anica (verified owner)

    I didn’t know that the Diva cup was the largest of menstrual cups commercially available, before purchasing it. I’m currently having difficulty with it as it keeps slipping out. This makes it extremely hard to be active with it in. I have to make frequent bathroom trips to push it back up. I would not recommend to people who are wishing to try a menstrual cup for the first time or to people who have a low cervix.

  21. Madeline (verified owner)

    Best choice I’ve ever made ! I will not look back and will never go back to using tampons again ! Can’t believe I waited to Long to switch !

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Genuinely great cup, on the longer side however comfortable without stem. Fabulous for beginners!

  23. Chloé D. (verified owner)

    I have been using the cup for yearsss now. I need it to freshen my cup and I am happy for MCA services. The transaction and also delivery was great and fast! Right on time for…you know! Thanks 🙂

  24. Madison La Pira (verified owner)

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)

  26. Vicky (verified owner)

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

  28. Sarah K. (verified owner)

    I went by cup recommendations and it was inaccurate. Even though I had 2 c sections the cup suggested to me was too big. And I wish they did a price cut for ordering another cup in a different size cause it’s not like I could return it .

    • Naomi Overton (store manager)

      Hi Sarah, Thank you for submitting your review and we are sorry to hear the Diva Cup was not suitable. The sizing guidelines that we display as a retailer are in accordance with those given to us by the distributors/manufacturers, but we realise there can be times that they are not always spot on for every woman. We would love to know if you have managed to find a cup that is a better fit? or if there is anything we can do to help you find a suitable alternative to the Diva? Please let us know if we can help.

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

  30. Anonymous (verified owner)

  31. Amanda (verified owner)

    Leaked on numerous occasions

  32. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing, never looked back. First time using it I was a little unsure, but it has never let me down or caused any discomfort. In fact I’d say it causes less pain than using tampons as it doesn’t have the ‘drawing’ effect. I have an IUD and fund my periods to be fairly heavy and painful so this was a really great option. Other great aspects:
    – No longer needing to find a bathroom with a bin or sneak products to the loo when you’re out or at work
    – Never needing to dash out to buy emergency supplies
    – Never having to spend money on disposable products again
    – Zero waste created which is a really noble thing

  33. Tara (verified owner)

    Simply the best decision I made switching to the Diva cup! Only took 2 cycles to get used to it. Don’t even notice it when I’m wearing it, plus it can stay in for up to 12hrs. So handy when out and about or at work. It’s never leaked and can go swimming without any worries. Already saved the money I would have spent buying other sanitary products

  34. Sophie (verified owner)

    I was dubious… but am completely converted. I’m going travelling overseas and won’t have to worry about having my period. Result!

  35. Lisa (verified owner)

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