5 Tips for Removing Menstrual Cup Stains

menstrual cup stainingIt is the nature of silicone to eventually stain over time. This is nearly inevitable with most clear menstrual cups, however, there are a few things you can do to delay any staining and to remove stains that may have formed. What is important to remember is that, just because your cup may have discoloured, it is still perfectly safe and effective to use. The only reason you would need to purchase a new one, is if there are signs of deterioration on the cup, or if you simply want to have a clean looking one again.

1. Cold before warm

Always rinse your cup with cold water to remove any leftover contents before rinsing it under warm water. The warm water can cause stains to set in the silicone.

2. Scrub, scrub, scrub

Sometimes all you need is a little elbow grease. Often, much of the discolouration you see may be surface stains. Use a mild, scent-free, water based soap with a cloth and give your menstrual cup a really good scrub. This process can often improve the look of your cup considerably.

3. Sun bake

Place your cleaned menstrual cup in a sunny position for a few hours. Ensure it is not in such a hot position that it might melt. This exposure to the sun can do wonders in reducing discolouration

4. Proper care and cleaning

Ensuring that you clean your cup properly, including the rim, holes, and stem, will help delay the formation of stains. Use a toothpick to clean the holes, and gently pull out the rim of the cup and rinse under running water, to ensure all fluid and debris have been removed.

5. Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide, etc etc

Many forums recommend soaking a menstrual cup in vinegar or Hydrogen peroxide solutions. This may work, and may not cause damage to the cup, however, most cup brands do not recommend using these methods due to the potential of causing deterioration to the silicone. If using one of these methods, you must ensure all traces of vinegar or hydrogen peroxide have been removed (best achieved through a good boil and then sun dry). You also shouldn’t do either of these methods on a regular basis, since it may compromise the longevity of your cup.


If you don’t particularly like the idea of a stained menstrual cup, you may like to consider a coloured cup brand such as Lunette (this will make the staining a little less obvious). This is a very personal choice, since many women (and cup manufacturers) are not comfortable with the idea of adding colours and dyes to cups, due to the lack of evidence regarding their affects on the body and potential chemical reactions with silicone.

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