Released in 2017, the aim of Merula founder Merle-Marie Forstmann was to create a menstrual cup that was uncomplicated and would be suitable for as many women as possible. The Merula cups eliminate the need for size guessing with a one size fits most model and the smooth surface and unique design make it comfortable and suitable for women with any pelvic floor condition. Not only is the Merula attractive to look at, the unique ladder stem means anyone can make it the perfect length for their particular cervix height.

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  • Merula Cupscup menstrual cup steriliser

    Merula Cupscup

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  • Sale! Merula One Size Menstrual Cup

    Merula Menstrual Cup

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  • Sale! Merula XL Menstrual Cup Strawberry

    Merula Menstrual Cup XL

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