9 Types of Menstrual Cup Folds: Find the Right Method

Figure out the best menstrual cup fold for your body and cup brand — there are so many techniques.

There are several menstrual cup folding methods that work well with various brands and cup sizes. If you’re having difficulties inserting the cup, try several techniques to see what works best. 

The video below was produced by Lunette and demonstrates 9 different menstrual cup folds. It will take time and patience to find the fold that works best for you, so experiment with the different folds for menstrual cups until you feel comfortable.

For some women, removing the cup is a quick and easy process, while others get overwhelmed and feel like it might be stuck. The good news is that most period cups are easy to take out once you’ve mastered the technique – you just need a little guidance. Learn how to remove a menstrual cup easily and conveniently with these 5 simple tips. 

We recommend washing your hands with warm water and a gentle soap before getting started.

The 9 Popular Menstrual Cup Folds Explained

We have compiled short descriptions and comparisons of each folding method, making it easy for you to refer to them at any time. Each description has simple instructions that you can follow with your own period cup.

1. C Fold (also known as the U Fold)

If you still cannot reach the cup, squat on the floor, or lift one leg up by resting your foot on the toilet seat or edge of the bath. Ultimately, you’ll want to be in a comfortable position that allows you to focus on removing the cup from the vaginal opening. Squatting helps to shorten the vaginal canal and lower the cup, making it easier to reach.

2. Punchdown Fold (also known as the Shell Fold)

During the period cup removal process, make sure that you are relaxed. This prevents your vaginal muscles from becoming too tense to remove the cup. If you feel yourself getting tense, take a few deep breaths, do something else for a few minutes, and then try again. There is usually no urgency to remove a cup straight away, so take your time and don’t try removing it for the first time if you already have a lot on for the day. Removing the cup while in the shower can also help you relax and reduce mess.

We would also recommend trying to insert and remove the cup a few times before you begin your cycle, so you are not worried about spilling or needing to empty menstrual fluid.

3. 7 Fold (also known as the Triangle Fold)

Ensure your hands are clean and your fingers are completely dry. The drier your fingers are, the easier menstrual cup removal will be. It may also be useful to reach up and dry the base of the cup with a little bit of toilet paper to get a better grip. Once you’ve done that, reach inside the vagina and pull on the stem until you can reach the silicone base of the cup. Pinch as far up the cup (as close to the top rim) as possible and squeeze it for a few seconds to give the seal time to break.

Once you have squeezed the base to release the air, pull the cup out at a sideways angle. This allows more air to enter the vagina, making the removal easier.

4. Origami Fold

Finally, if the pinch method doesn’t work, you can carefully insert one finger up the side of the cup and slowly push it in to break the seal. Once the seal is broken, you should find it easier to press down the rim of the cup and wiggle it out. Many menstrual cup users consider this the easiest removal method as it can be done in one smooth motion.

5. E Fold

Take your menstrual cup and pinch down the right side so that the lips of the cup touch together. Then, press the left side of the cup towards the right, to form a T shape. Bring the sides of the T shape down around the pinched right side, so as to create an E shape.

6. S Fold

Holding your menstrual cup, push the lips of the cup together using your thumb and index finger to maintain a firm grip. Then, slowly push one side up and the other side down while pressing together so as to form an S shape.

7. Double 7 Fold

Take your menstrual cup and fold it in half so that the lips touch. Bring down the right corner about halfway. Then, turn the cup around and bring the left corner down to around the same position. Your cup should now be a nice tulip shape.

8. Diamond Fold/ Half Diamond Fold

Fold your period cup in half lengthwise, so that the lips touch. Pull the front lip of the cup down towards the base, which creates an oval shape in the top of the cup. Press down on the left side and hold, and then press down on the right side and hold. You should now have a diamond shape. This is the diamond fold. If you are having trouble inserting the diamond fold, you can fold the cup in half lengthways (bringing the points together), to form a half diamond fold.

9. Labia Fold

Pinch down on the top left side of the menstrual cup, so that the lips touch together. Holding the lips together, rotate the cup so that it is sideways. Create a slight indentation in the base of the cup, so that the folded section can fold down into this indentation. Now, push the edges together and you should have the smaller fold inside of the larger fold

Find the right Lunette products for you:

Who would have thought there are so many types of folds for menstrual cups? Whether you’re a beginner or experienced cup user, it’s worthwhile to try out a few different folds and see what works for your body. This allows you to place the cup in a comfortable position and prevent leakage.

Frequently asked questions:

Learn more about folding a menstrual cup in the FAQs below.

Your menstrual cup might keep on folding because you have incredibly strong pelvic floor muscles. These muscles often squeeze the wall of the cup, causing it to fold. Alternatively, you may have inserted the cup incorrectly or have a softer cup that is prone to folding. Don’t hesitate to try various menstrual cups to find the right fit.

Menstrual cups must be folded before you insert them, otherwise, the cup won’t fit through the vaginal canal opening. There are several different cup folds to try. Once you learn how to fold a menstrual cup, insertion becomes just as easy as using a tampon or other menstrual products.

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