Lunette Liquid Cleanser

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Keep your silicone menstrual cup clean with the Lunette Liquid Menstrual Cup Cleanser.

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Product Description

The perfect match for your silicone menstrual cup

Use the Lunette liquid cleanser to give your menstrual cup a fresh and thorough clean.


  • Scented with lemon and eucalyptus oil due to their purifying properties.
  • Concentrated formula. One drop is all you need

Once you have finished cleaning your menstrual cup with the Lunette cleanser, make sure you rinse your cup thoroughly with water, as the cleanser itself is not suitable for your intimate area. Skin contact may cause sensitization.

Lunette Liquid Cleanser Ingredients:

water, vegetable oil based cleansing agent, salt, citric acid, essential lemon and eucalyptus oils. 5-15% anionic Surfactant, perfume. Also includes: Citral, d-limonene, Limonene.