Emanui Menstrual Cup Steriliser

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The Emanui Menstrual cup cleaner and steriliser is for all cup users who are seeking convenience, discretion, hygiene, and peace of mind when cleaning their menstrual cup. The Emanui was designed to simplify the cup cleaning process both out and about and at home. Thanks to this innovative product, you can now clean your cup when you are out and about in a safe way, in a discreet and private way, and with the need for only a small amount of water. When you are ready to sterilise your cup, simply use the Emanui in the microwave once back at home.

Emanui Features:

  • One product that can clean, sterilise, and store your menstrual cup during and between your period
  • Can be used to discreetly clean your cup while out and about, using only a small amount of water
  • Can be used to sterilise your cup in the microwave
  • Compatible with most brands of menstrual cups that have a stem (not suitable for use with menstrual discs)
  • Easy to use: Simply fill Emanui with a bit of water, insert your menstrual cup, and then wash carefully by squeezing or shaking the device
  • Portable Size: 10.5cm x 6.8cm
  • Made from high quality medical grade silicone
  • Designed in Scandinavia, made in Europe

How to use Emanui Cup Cleaner




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