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Menstrual Cup Comparison – Helping you select the right cup!

You will notice that most of the menstrual cups are much the same in design and purpose. Unless you have been recommended a particular brand of menstrual cup by a friend or family member, it can be difficult to determine which menstrual cup you should choose. To help you out, we have put together the following menstrual cup comparison. This menstrual cup comparison will look at the main points of difference between the cups we stock. These include the Diva cup, JuJu cup, Lunette cup, and Keeper cup.

What is it made from?Menstrual Cup Comparison

Menstrual Cups can be made out of a few different materials. These include TPE, latex, non-medical grade silicone, and medical grade silicone. All of the menstrual cups sold through MCA Online are manufactured using only quality medical grade silicone or TPE. The only exception to this is the Keeper Cup. The Keeper is made from Natural gum rubber (latex). For this reason, women who have a latex allergy should avoid the Keeper Cup, but will be fine to use the other brands such as Ruby, Diva, JuJu, or Lunette Cups.

As mentioned above, the Diva, Lunette, and Juju cups are made from medical grade silicone. The Diva and Lunette have a full matte finish, whereas the Juju has a smooth/shiny finish with a matte butterfly grip at the base of the cup. The matte finish can make gripping and removing the cup a little easier. However, with a little practice, removing the Juju should become easy too. Another tip to assist with removing cups with a smooth surface, is to wipe the base of the cup with a little toilet paper first. This will make gripping the base easier.

Where is it made?

For some people, the place of manufacture is very important. Since we are an Australian website, it may be that you want to support Aussie owned and made products. If this is the case the JuJu cup is the only menstrual cup that will fit your criteria.


Product accreditation/registration with Government regulatory bodies is a sign that the item you are purchasing as been granted permission to be sold within a certain market. Up until July 2018, all of the products listed on MCA Online were listed on the ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods). After July 2018, the Australian regulations surrounding menstrual cups changed, making other International brands more accessible. To meet the needs of our customers, we have increased the number of brands we sell, but look only for companies that have a proven and high quality product.  Currently, four Menstrual Cup brands are registered in the ARTG. They include the Diva cup, JuJu cup, Lunette cup, and Pelvi cup.

Stem Type and length

Different menstrual cups tend to come with different stem types. These include flat stems, round stems, hollow stems, ring stems, no stems, pointy stems, ladder stems, and ball stems. The stem type makes little difference to the use of the cup, however, some people may find different stem types more comfortable than others. Some people also find hollow stems a little more difficult to clean, however, if correct cleaning procedures are followed, this should be a minor complaint.

Generally speaking, ring or ladder stems make removal easier. However, while some ring stems may allow for a better grip, they may not necessarily be large enough to allow a finger right through the ring.

The main purpose of the stem is to guide you to the base of the cup, so you can remove it. The length of the stem is not generally too much of an issue. This is because you will most likely choose to trim it to your desired length once you are comfortable removing your menstrual cup without relying on it.

If however, you have a particularly high cervix, you may like to choose a cup with a longer stem. This will aid in removal.

Cup capacity

As a general rule, a woman will usually lose around 6 tablespoons of menstrual fluid per cycle (80-120mls). Over a typical 3-5 day cycle, this would equate to an average of around 25ml per 24hour period (keeping in mind that more is lost on day 1 and 2 of a cycle and less on the remaining days). However, the above figure is an average. Some women can lose up to 8.5 tablespoons (120mls) or more of fluid over their cycle. While this will still be comfortably held in each of the menstrual cups, if you have a particularly heavy menstrual flow, then you may want to opt for a cup that is specifically designed to hold larger amounts of fluid. This will help reduce the number of times you may need to empty it throughout the first few days of your period.

Cup diameter

Menstrual cups can vary in the diameter size (the opening size). The Diameter of the cup will determine the quality of the seal you get. The wider your vaginal canal, the wider cup you will need.

If you have particularly weak pelvic floor muscles or have had several children, you may wish to consider a cup with a larger diameter. This is because your vaginal muscles will be looser and the canal is therefore wider. To reduce the chance of leaks, a wider cup will provide a better seal around the vaginal wall.

Conversely, if you have particularly tight pelvic floor muscles, or are very young, you may find that a smaller diameter cup will be quite sufficient (even though you could also successfully use a larger cup). A smaller diameter will be easier for a young woman/girl to insert.

Cup length

Depending on the position of your cervix, the length of the cup may be important.

Women who have a very low lying cervix will want to choose the shortest available cup (possibly the Juju model 4), so as to ensure it fits correctly within the vagina, without causing discomfort to the cervix.

Women who have a particularly high cervix, may find a longer cup more useful (Such as the Juju model 3 or the Diva cups), as it will be easier to remove should the cup travel up the vaginal canal towards the cervix.

Women who have an average positioned cervix should be fine with any type of cup.


There is still some debate regarding the chemical reactions that may take place when colours and dyes are added to silicone. Research is still unclear as to the potential for these colours to leech into the bloodstream and cause issues. For this reason, many cup companies have erred on the side of caution and decided not to add any colours to their cups, meaning a clear colour is your only alternative. Other brands have added colours, so as to help hide discolouration, and to make the whole thing seem a little nicer.

How to use this Menstrual Cup Comparison

This comparison page is a guide only. Every woman is different, and unfortunately every brand of cup uses slightly different sizing criteria. However, by following the below steps, you should be able to settle on the best menstrual cup for your needs.

1. Use our general sizing guidelines to work out which size menstrual cup you are likely to need – either Model 1 (the smaller cup), or Model 2 (the larger cup)

2. Use the factors above to compare the different brand menstrual cups in the size you require. For example, if you will need a model 2 cup, only compare the cups in the Model 2 table.

3. Once you have determined which brand you think would be best for you, double check the specific sizing instructions for your chosen brand, just to ensure it will be right for you.

Teen Cups (Smallest Cup Sizes) Menstrual Cup Comparison Table

Cup BrandMaterialCountry of ManufactureStem TypeStem LengthCup Length (from rim to base)Total Length (from rim to end of stem)Cup Capacity (to holes)Cup DiameterColours
Pelvi Cup TeenMedical Grade TPESpainToggle10mm50mm60mm17ml38mmPink
Pelvi Cup SmallMedical Grade SiliconeUSAToggle10mm50mm60mm20ml42mmClear
Hello Cup XSTPE Plastic - fully recyclableNew ZealandToggle 10mm47mm57mm17.5ml38mmLilac and Yellow
Diva Cup Model 0Medical Grade SiliconeUSAHollow10mm47mm57mm17ml39mlClear
FemmyCycle PetiteMedical Grade SiliconeUSARing19mm38mm57mm20ml31mmClear
OrganiCup MiniMedical Grade SiliconeChinaSolid Round14mm44mm58mm17ml37mmClear

Model 1 (Smaller Cup Sizes) Menstrual Cup Comparison Table

Cup BrandMaterialCountry of ManufactureStem TypeStem LengthCup Length (from rim to base)Total Length (from rim to end of stem)Cup Capacity (to holes)Cup DiameterColoursApprovals
Diva Cup - Model 1Medical Grade SiliconeCanadaHollow17mm53mm70mm24ml43mmClearFDA registered and ARTG listed (ID: 173694) . Only cup approved for sale in Canada
JuJu Cup - Model 1Medical Grade SiliconeAustraliaPointy19mm46mm65mm18ml40mmClearARTG listed (ID: 180153)
Lunette Cup - Model 1Medical Grade SiliconeFinlandFlat25mm47mm72mm21ml41mm5 Colours including ClearFDA registered and ARTG listed (ID: 157084)
Hello Cup Small/MediumTPE Plastic - fully recyclableNew ZealandToggle10mm49mm59mm21ml41mmBlue, Yellow, and OrangeFDA registered
Tampon Tribe Menstrual Cup - MediumTPE Plastic - fully recyclableEuropeToggle10mm57mm67mm25ml43mmPinkFDA Registered
Ruby Cup - SmallMedical Grade SiliconeChinaHollow19mm46mm65mm19ml40mmClear, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, Black-
Super Jennie - SmallMedical Grade SiliconeUSAPointy15mm47.5mm62.5mm26ml43mmClear, Blue, Teal, PinkFDA registered, and ARTG listed (ID: 292562)
OrganiCup - Size AMedical Grade SiliconeChinaSolid Round15mm50mm65mm25ml40mmClearFDA registered, Vegan Certified, Allergy Certified
Pelvi Cup - MediumMedical Grade SiliconeUSAToggle10mm60mm70mm25ml42mmClearFDA listed and ARTG listed (ID: 312885)
Haakaa Flow Cup - SmallMedical Grade SiliconeChinaToggle10mm53mm63mm25ml42mmCoralFDA registered
Haakaa Flow Cup Valve - SmallMedical Grade SiliconeChinaValve21mm50mm71mm18ml42mmCoralFDA registered
Keeper CupNatural Gum Rubber (latex)USARound27mm46mm80mm21ml45mmBrown (gum rubber colour) No added dyes.FDA registered and ARTG listed (ID:68249)

Model 2 (Larger Cup Sizes) Menstrual Cup Comparison Table

Model 2 Brand (Larger Sizes)MaterialCountry of OriginStem TypeStem LengthCup Length (from rim to base)Total Length (from rim to end of stem)Cup Capacity (to holes)Cup DiameterColoursApprovals
Diva Cup - Model 2Medical Grade SiliconeCanadaHollow13mm57mm70mm28ml46mmClearFDA registered and ARTG listed (ID: 173694). Only cup approved for sale in Canada
JuJu Cup - Model 2Medical Grade SiliconeAustraliaPointy19mm50mm69mm27ml46mmClearARTG listed (ID: 180153).
Juju Model 3 (for high cervix)Medical Grade SiliconeAustraliaPointy20mm58mm78mm22ml40mmClear-
Juju Model 4 (for low cervix or poor pelvic tone)Medical Grade SiliconeAustraliaPointy10mm40mm50mm23ml48mmClear-
Lunette Cup - Model 2Medical Grade SiliconeFinlandFlat20mm52mm72mm27ml45mm5 colours including clearFDA registered and ARTG listed (ID: 157084).
Hello Cup LargeTPE Plastic - Fully RecyclableNew ZealandToggle10mm54mm64mm28ml45mmBlush, Fuchsia, and YellowFDA Registered
Merula XLMedical Grade SiliconeGermanyLadder22mm50mm72mm50ml46mmStrawberry
Tampon Tribe Menstrual Cup - LargeTPE Plastic - Fully RecyclableEuropeToggle10mm56mm66mm30ml46mmPinkFDA Registered
Ruby Cup MediumMedical Grade SiliconeChinaHollow17mm51mm68mm24ml45mmClear, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, Black-
Super Jennie LargeMedical Grade SiliconeUSAPointy16mm52mm68mm34ml47mmClear, Blue, Teal, PinkFDA registered, and ARTG listed (ID: 292562)
FemmyCycle RegularMedical Grade SiliconeUSARing20mm43mm63mm25ml36mmClearFDA cleared
FemmyCycle Low CervixMedical Grade SiliconeUSARing6mm43mm49mm25ml36mmClearFDA cleared
OrganiCup - Size BMedical Grade SiliconeChinaSolid Round15mm55mm70mm30ml45mmClearFDA registered, Vegan Certified, Allergy Certified
Haakaa Flow Cup - LargeMedical Grade SiliconeChinaToggle10mm56mm66mm30ml45mmCoralFDA registered
Haakaa Flow Cup Valve - LargeMedical Grade SiliconeChinaValve21mm50mm71mm24ml47mmCoralFDA registered
Pelvi Cup LargeMedical Grade SiliconeUSAToggle10mm60mm70mm30ml46mmClearFDA listed and ARTG listed (ID: 312885)
Keeper CupNatural Gum RubberUSAHollow26mm53mm79mm25ml46mmBrown (gum rubber colour) No added dyes.FDA registered and ARTG listed (ID: 68249).
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