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What is the Hello Cup?

Designed and made in New Zealand, the Hello Cup is manufactured from high-quality TPE plastic (thermoplastic elastomer). Unlike silicone cups, the Hello Cup is fully recyclable once it reaches the end of its life. The Hello Cup has a completely smooth outer top rim and is comfortable and soft to the touch. It is also hypoallergenic which is great news for women who may have silicone sensitivities.

The Hello Average Cervix Cup is suitable for people with an average height cervix. This usually means you can feel your cervix by your second knuckle. We recommend checking your cervix height during your period to help determine where your cervix sits. Hello also make different length cups specifically for people with a high or low cervix. If you know that the average cervix cup is the one for you, but you aren’t sure if you need the small or large size, then why not try the Duo Box.

Most women can wear the Hello Cup for up to 8 hours or overnight. However, if you have a heavy flow, you may need to empty it every 3-4 hours during your heaviest days, and then leave it for up to 8 hours on your lighter days. This is the case for most menstrual cup brands.

Many menstrual cups recommend using a ‘C’ fold for the easiest insertion. The Hello Cup, however, is best inserted using a shallow punch-down fold. It is best that the fold is shallow and does not go all the way down to the bottom of the cup.

Hello Cup Features:

  • Suitable for average cervix height
  • Made from TPE medical-grade plastic sourced from Germany
  • Contains no rubber, latex, PBA’s, or heavy metals
  • Dyes used to colour the Hello Cup are certified food grade and comply with EU and FDA standards
  • Easy-grip rings to make removal easier
  • Toggle stem
  • Fun colours
  • Variety of sizes for women of all ages and stages
  • The special rim of the Hello Cup helps to stop any splashes as you’re removing it
  • Can last for up to 5 years
  • Fully recyclable – that’s the cup and the packaging!
  • FDA registered
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Please note: In order to reduce waste and their carbon footprint, the Hello Cups no longer come with a cotton storage bag.

Hello Cup Features





Size Guide:

Small – Specifically designed for younger users, super-fit petite women, or for those that prefer a mini tampon. The Small Hello Cup is slightly smaller than the regular sizes. It is also softer, making insertion and learning to use a menstrual cup a little less daunting.

Medium – the most popular ‘one size fits most’. This size is recommended for women who are under 35 years of age regardless of childbirth history.

Large – If things are a bit roomy up there, your pelvic floor is not what it used to be, and you’re over 35 years, this may well be your perfect match.


How to use the Hello Cup:

Before first using your Hello Cup, please sterilise it by either boiling in a pot of water for 3-5 minutes, using a microwave cup steriliser, or by soaking in a solution made with a sterilisation tablet.


  1. Wash your hands before inserting or removing your Hello Cup.
  2. Sit on the loo or try standing with one foot resting on the toilet seat.
  3. Choose a fold. The ‘punch down’ fold is a Hello Cup favourite.
  4. With a firm hold on your cup, angle it slightly backward toward the tip of your tailbone rather than ‘straight up’. Insert the entire cup into your vaginal canal until it is sitting a bit lower than where you would position a tampon.
  5. Release your hold on the cup once you have inserted and positioned it. It should now ‘pop’ fully open. To check that it has opened, run your finger around the base of the cup. If you feel any indents, try rotating the cup a couple of times to help it open completely.

Hello Cup correct positioning


  1. The length of time you can use your Hello Cup before needing to empty it will determine largely on your level of flow. However, you should not wear your cup for more than 8 hours.
  2. To remove the Hello Cup, locate the base of the cup (don’t pull it out by the stem). Use your thumb and index finger to gently squeeze the base of the cup and release the seal. If you can’t reach your cup, use your muscles to ‘bear down’, or try squatting which will help shorten the vaginal canal.
  3. Once the seal is broken, gently pull the cup out. Tip the contents into the toilet, rinse and reinsert. If you do not have easy access to a tap, simply wipe the cup with some toilet paper.

How to use the Hello Cup

How to Clean the Hello Cup:

Your Hello Cup does not need to be boiled or sterilised during your period. This is best done before first using it and then at the end of each period. After sterilisation, allow the cup to air dry and then store it in its bag out of direct sunlight.

During your period, simply rinse the cup under cold water or give it a clean with a menstrual cup cleanser. Ensure any residual cleanser has been completely rinsed off before reinserting the cup.

Some staining is normal in any brand of menstrual cup (especially in lighter colours). To help reduce staining, it is best to rinse your cup in cold water after removing. You can then wash with a mild soap or one of the many menstrual cup washes available. If staining has set in, then you can try using a dilution of white vinegar and water, or lemon juice and water in a 1:2 ratio. Let you cup soak in this mixture overnight and then wash as normal in the morning.


Small (Lilac), Medium (Blue), Large (Pink), Large (Blush), Large (Black)


Small: 17ml (to the holes)
Medium: 21ml (to the holes)
Large: 29.5ml (to the holes)


Small: 38mm diameter, 56mm total length including toggle stem
Medium: 41mm diameter, 59mm total length including toggle stem
Large: 45mm diameter, 64mm total length including toggle stem

45 reviews for Hello Average Cervix Cup

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  1. Rachael H. (verified owner)

    At 29yo and requiring the smallest cup on the market the Hello Cup is the first one i’ve tried that actually fits my body perfectly. Any other “teen” size cups i’ve tried have been either too long or are too wide for me personally and don’t pop open easily causing leaks let alone being so uncomfortable to wear. The Hello Cup is firm but not hard, easy to insert and super comfortable to wear 10/10 would recommend.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Bought for teenage daughter – haven’t used it yet.

  3. Brooke (verified owner)

  4. Nikki (verified owner)

    No leaks! I used a Diva cup before and that one would leak even though it’s not full yet. The Hello cup may be smaller in size but it captures more than the diva. The length is also the right size for me and the toggle is so helpful!

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I found the hello cup quite firm but not uncomfortable and it popped open very easily, I had no trouble at all. It was a little short for me as my cervix is higher during my period. I did like its colour and texture. I like that the rim protrudes onto the inside of the cup. I found it kind of squishes slightly out of shape but not enough to make a difference. It was quite hard to get out as it only has two suction release holes, I would not recommed to the complete begginer (like me)but it would be fine for a more experienced person. Overall I liked it and I may use it in the future when I have more experience.

  6. Melissa (verified owner)

    An absolutely fantastic product. Excellent design means no getting stuck (oh the scrabbling-ferret-horror!) and I appreciate the cute packaging. I went on holiday and accidentally left mine at home – the idea of using tampons now grosses me out so much that I bought this cup and had it delivered to my holiday spot. Unfortunately delivery was quite slow (over 10 days from purchase) so I ended up having to buy yet another cup locally (not quite as nice as this one) so now I have three, which seems a bit excessive!

  7. Nicola (verified owner)

  8. Taylah (verified owner)

  9. Karen H. (verified owner)

    Not a fan of the grip handle at the end of the cup. I inserted mine too high up yesterday and literally almost had a panic attack because I could feel the cup, but the handle was too slippery and curvy I couldn’t get a grip on it.

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This cup is soft, comfortable, easy to insert, and CUTE! You’d think aesthetics wouldn’t matter much with period products, but it genuinely makes me a little bit happier when I get my period every time I look at my cute hello cup. It’s been a game changer.

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

  12. Amy (verified owner)

    Gamechanger. Wish I’d bought one sooner!

  13. Natalie G. (verified owner)

    The cup is very cute – not scary in any way and the bright yellow colour makes me feel happy. The toggle makes it very comfortable to insert and find later for removal. I found the Large cup a little long for comfort (I must have a short vagina/low cervix) and Hello Cup suggested that I could cut the end of the toggle off. This modification has made it more comfortable to use and I am very happy with the fit. The material is very firm so you can “feel” that something is in place (I have a fairly sensitive bladder) but it’s not uncomfortable in any way. Hello Cup say that they will be bringing out a “low cervix” cup soon.

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It doesn’t stay well. Like make circle. I heard this cup is hard so it opens and seals well, but no. If you press it, it remains a bit how I pressed. Yes. The cup is harder than what I had. Thats it. It is not elastic so can not fit well. I DO NOT Recommend.

  15. Chloe W. (verified owner)

  16. Danni (verified owner)

    This is the first cup I have purchased. Packing is beautiful. Instructions are clear. Very happy with my purchase

  17. Sarah (verified owner)

    It did take some practice to get the cup in but after a few tries it was easy. I can’t feel it when it’s in. It takes a bit of getting used to to take it out but again fine once you’ve done it a few times. Easy to sterilise and clean. It did leak slightly so may need some more practice but overall I’m happy. And it’s cute! 🙂

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Unfortunately I’m leaking.

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

  20. Felicity (verified owner)

  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Didn’t take long to get used to, but hurts a bit coming out. Still recommend it.

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’m glad I made the switch and wish I had been confident enough to do it earlier. The cup did take some practice to use, however, in part because I have a high cervix. Until I got the hang of it I struggled to get a good enough grip to remove the cup but by the end of this cycle I was a lot more comfortable with the whole process. The cup seemed stiff to me but once inserted I didn’t feel a thing. An unexpected positive effect of using the cup is that I have a much more accurate understanding of how much blood I’m losing each day of my period. I also love the bright colours; it makes this miserable part of my month just a little more enjoyable! I recommend giving it a try and sticking through with it for at least a couple of cycles. By that time (if, like me you’ve spent a small fortune on pads and tampons) at the very least the cup will have paid for itself!

  23. Alison H. (verified owner)

    the Hello Cup looks and feels lovely and appears to be of good quality (plus the packaging is really cute!). It’s sadly not the right one for me. I’ve previously used a Juju Cup however since giving birth it feels like it’s slipping out, so I thought I’d try the Hello Cup. I had some leakage whilst wearing it (almost always had leakage with Juju too). It actually really hurt to remove it, so it’s possibly not the right size for me. I’m too scared to try it again. I’m hoping to find a different cup that will suit me better because overall I much prefer using a cup to other sanitary products.

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

  25. Chloe Gowdie (verified owner)

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The cup came in a very nice package. I was pleasantly surprised that the pattern went all the way inside the box. It came with a little booklet and a bag to keep the cup in. It was very easy to use and wash. Its also recyclable! love this product!

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I found it really easy to use and comforting. It was my first time buying a cup and I still didn’t have ANY leaks!

  29. Mia P. (verified owner)

    I appreciated the clean, simple packaging, and simple message. Complimentary to exactly the reason I wanted to switch to the cup in the first place. I haven’t tried it for long, but so far OK.

  30. Fiona Anderson (verified owner)

  31. Anonymous (verified owner)

  32. Darby Gonda (verified owner)

  33. Anonymous (verified owner)

    So comfortable ! First time Cup user and already can’t imagine going back to other period products.

  34. Anonymous (verified owner)

  35. Lucinda (verified owner)

    A little leakage when I am in the heavy days of my period (when I wake up in the morning), but other than that it is amazing. I can go hours without feeling uncomfortable/dirty and without having to change it. I can go about my day as if it is just like any other regular day.

  36. Josephine Costa (verified owner)

  37. Analise (verified owner)

    Best decision I’ve made changing to a cup from sanitary products. So easy to use, much less hassle, easy to clean, amazing! I love my hello cup!

  38. Natasha (verified owner)

    Perfect cup and firmness – also great for sensitive skin

  39. Lana Pintainho (verified owner)

  40. Donna A. (verified owner)

  41. Anonymous (verified owner)

  42. Jasmine S. (verified owner)

    The cup holds odd shapes and doesn’t open round, but oval.

  43. Megan B. (verified owner)

    Some difficulty initially but really good after getting used to it.

  44. Melissa (verified owner)

    I love my new cup. It’s a little firmer than I’m used to, but have adjusted well. Would make a cute gift as the packaging is sweet as!

  45. Anonymous (verified owner)

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