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Hello Low Cervix Cup

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The Low Cervix Hello cup is a game changer for women who have a short vaginal canal and find that other stemmed cups protrude or are too long and uncomfortable.

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The Hello Cup Australia

Product Description

Unlike the regular style Hello Cup, this Low Cervix design does not have a toggle/stem at the base. This makes the cup shorter and more suitable for people with a low cervix/shorter vaginal canal, who may otherwise find the toggle exposed, or uncomfortable. Instead of the toggle, the base of the Low Cervix Cups are rounded and slightly thickened – allowing for easier removal. 

Hello Cup Features:

  • Made from TPE medical grade plastic sourced from Germany
  • Contains no rubber, latex, PBA’s, or heavy metals
  • Dyes used to colour the Hello Cup are certified food grade and comply with EU and FDA standards
  • Easy grip rings to make removal easier
  • Available in 2 sizes to suit women of all ages and stages
  • The special rim of the Hello Cup helps to reduce any splashes as you’re removing it
  • Reusable for several years
  • Designed by a Nurse
  • FDA registered
  • Made in New Zealand

Hello Cup Low Cervix Sizing:

Small/Medium –  A ‘One size fits most’ cup, if you’re under 35 and/or fit, this is a great starting point. The diameter of the S/M is 41mm and the overall cup length is 43mm. It holds 21mls (to the holes).

Large – If things are a bit roomy up there and you’re over 35 years, this may well be your perfect match. The diameter of the L is 45mm and the overall cup length is 49mm. It holds 28ml (to the holes).

If you’re still unsure what size to choose, the low cervix double box contains 2 cups (one of each size in two individual bags).


IMPORTANT: Menstrual Cups have been associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). TSS is a rare but serious disease that may cause death. Always read and keep the information contained with your cup. Use only as directed. Discontinue use of this product and consult a GP if you experience any adverse side effects.

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