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Make removal of your Me Luna Ring Cup easier!

The Me Luna Nupsi is a flexible TPE rod that is designed to thread through the ring of the Me Luna stem cup. This creates a longer handle to aid removal of the cup.

Benefits of the Me Luna Nupsi:

  • Helpful for inexperienced cup users who would like extra help positioning and removing the Me Luna menstrual cup.
  • A good way to extend the existing stem of the cup
  • Being soft and pliable, the Nupsi extension handle can be moved to whatever position required
  • If the Nupsi is too long, it can be trimmed with scissors to the desired length
  • This extension handle is only suitable for use with the Me Luna Ring Stem cups.

Nupsi Sizing

As with the Me Luna menstrual cups, there are different sized Nupsi’s. You will need to select the size that matches your cup size. If you already have a Me Luna cup, you can check the size on the rim of your cup. On the rim, the size, S, M, L, or XL will be printed.

Please note: The Nupsi handle and cup stems are designed to be used as a guide to help locate the base of your menstrual cup. When removing your cup, always push down (bear down) gently with your pelvic floor muscles. Do not just pull the handle of the menstrual cup or the Nupsi handle. Take hold of the bottom of the cup as soon as you can reach it, break the suction by gently squeezing the base and then remove.

Nupsi Size

S, M, L, XL


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