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This innovative microwave steriliser from Merula allows you to steam clean your menstrual cup or disc quickly, effectively, and safely. You can use the Merula Cupscup as often as you like, both during and at the end of your period. With as few as 5 minutes in a 750 Watt microwave, the small amount of water used in the steriliser will come to a boil, causing the hot steam to sanitize your period cup.

Merula Cupscup features:

  • Designed for the Merula menstrual cups, but also fits most other brands of menstrual cup and disc that are suitable for microwave sterilising
  • Only requires around 60ml of water
  • The handle of the Merula Cupscup enables safer and more convenient removal from the microwave after boiling
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Dimensions: Height 127mm, Upper Diameter 69mm, Lower diameter 53mm, Total width including handle 90mm
  • BPA free, and the material used to manufacture this item has been tested according to German standards and meets all necessary regulations and requirements.

How to use the Merula Cupscup:

Fill the steriliser with approx 60ml of clean water, or until the water reaches the marking line. If desired, you can also add a dash of vinegar to help stop the accumulation of limescale deposits. Give you menstrual cup a quick rinse and then place it upside down on the blue insert. Close the lid and OPEN the steam valve. Place the steriliser in a 750 watt microwave and heat for no more than 5mins. If you have a different wattage microwave, adjust the heating time shorter or longer to suit. After you have finished using the Cupscup, ensure it is completely dry and that the lid remains open during storage.

Safety warnings: Do not heat on a stovetop. Only use with the intended screw lid and with the valve open. Water must not evaporate completely during the heating process. The Cupscup and the menstrual cup or disc inside will be very hot after sterilising. Hot steam may also escape, so care should be taken when removing from the microwave.



Height 127mm, Upper Diameter 69mm, Lower diameter 53mm, Total width including handle 90mm


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