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There‘s an abundance of menstrual cup brands available in Australia and it’s amazing to see countless women choosing eco-friendly period product options. However, with so many choices out there, choosing a menstrual cup might require a bit of research. For this reason, we stock a wide variety of proven and quality brands to help our customers find the best menstrual cups in Australia. Here’s a list of trusted period cup brands.

List of the best menstrual cup brands

  • Sale! Ruby Cup Australia

    Ruby Cup

    Original price was: $ 39.95.Current price is: $ 34.95.

Ruby Cups are soft, comfortable, vegan-certified, and made from medical-grade silicone. Enjoy the benefits of a premium period cup made by a socially conscious brand. Ruby Cup is also well-known for its ‘Buy 1 Give 1’ programme. For every Ruby Cup sold (anywhere and through any store), they donate a menstrual cup to a disadvantaged girl or woman.

The innovative angled design of the Lily Cup means this menstrual cup will compliment your anatomy while also being one of the few cups that can be rolled as thin as a tampon. Considering the Lily Cup is longer and more angular, it is best suited to women with a higher cervix position. The Lily Cup also has a no-spill rim which allows you to remove and empty the cup during your cycle without making a mess. In addition, the smoothness of the medical-grade silicone makes it super comfortable for all-day wear.

  • Sale! nixit Menstrual Cup Teal

    Nixit Menstrual Cup

    Original price was: $ 74.95.Current price is: $ 69.95.


nixit makes using menstrual cups super easy. Each nixit cup is made from ultra-soft silicone and designed as a unique, one-size-fits-all shape. This allows the menstrual cup to conform to you – no size guessing, and no tricky folding. The founders of nixit have made it their aim to “nix” the stigmas and shame that surround menstruation. Enough is enough! They’re encouraging women everywhere to switch to a more comfortable and sustainable product for managing their period.

Made in the USA, Saalt makes period cups that can be worn anytime and anywhere. The medium-length soft rim cups are suitable for most women, and the beautiful packaging makes receiving this cup a wonderful experience. Due to the packaging and the broad suitability of this cup, they are a great gift option too. This brand is also available in a Duo Pack in which you receive one cup of each size.

  • Sale! DivaCup Menstrual Cup


    Original price was: $ 44.95.Current price is: $ 39.95.

The DivaCup provides up to 8 hours of leak-free protection, comfort, and convenience. As one of the most well-known menstrual cup brands in the world, DivaCup has forged a name for itself over the years as a safe, trendy, and reliable cup. However, it’s important to note that the Diva may be too long for women with a low to mid-height cervix.

The Eureka! Cup is a soft cup with a unique valve design that allows it to be emptied without removal. This makes it an ideal option for someone who loves camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Make the most of up to 8 hours of leak-free comfort.

Designed by a gynaecologist, the FemmyCycle Cup is quite different in design and function to other brands. Instead of popping open after insertion, it will remain scrunched. The cup features a handy ring-pull to assist removal and it also has a spill-proof rim to make emptying the cup easier. Find the right FemmyCycle cup for your anatomy from 3 available sizes, including one for a low cervix.

The Haakaaa Cup range of menstrual cups boasts budget-friendly products that are perfect for beginner menstrual cup users. Most women with a mid or high cervix position can use Haakaa cups. Choose from a standard cup design or the Haakaa valve stem for easier removal and emptying. In addition, there’s also the added bonus of one Haakaa cup being donated to a New Zealand girl in need for every cup sold.

As a premium New Zealand-made and owned cup brand, Hello Cup is determined to provide alternative period cups that cater to all women. It’s one of the few cup brands made from TPE plastic – a great option for women who may have silicone allergies or prefer a firmer cup. Choose from a selection of vibrant Hello Cup sizes and colours.

Juju Cup was a key player in making menstrual cups more accessible to Australian women. As an Australian-made and owned brand, the company understands the unique needs of women in the country looking for eco-friendly, comfortable, and safe period products. The cup is available in 4 different styles to suit varying anatomies, including a high or low cervix.

Lunette is a well-known cup brand founded in Finland. Meeting some of the highest manufacturing standards, the Lunette Cup’s size and feel suits most women. You can choose from a range of 5 colours to help brighten your day during your period.

  • Sale! Me Luna Menstrual Cup Classic Australia

    Me Luna Cup – Classic

    Original price was: $ 39.95.Current price is: $ 34.95.

Made in Germany from high-quality TPE, the manufacturing of the Me Luna menstrual cups takes place in the company’s in-house factory. Quality is essential and all cups are subject to quality assurance requirements. The Me Luna also has a slightly firmer rim than other brands which makes it pop open more easily. However, this may cause discomfort for women who have a sensitive bladder or don’t like the feeling of wearing a cup. Me Luna also has a range of cup accessories such as a handle or cotton cord for withdrawal.

  • Sale! Merula One Size Menstrual Cup

    Merula Menstrual Cup

    Original price was: $ 44.95.Current price is: $ 39.95.

Founded in Germany, Merula offers period cups with uncomplicated designs that suit most women’s anatomies. The one-size-fits-all design takes away the guessing games and it has a large 38ml capacity. This cup is suitable for women with any pelvic floor condition and almost all cervix heights. In addition, there’s the Merula XL which is made for women in need of a high-capacity cup.

AllMatters (OrganiCup)

AllMatters (OrganiCup) is an award-winning, vegan-certified cup brand that comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. The versatile cups suit a range of cervix heights from high to low. Alternatively, you can choose to get the mini-size cups which are a great option for teens.

Made in the USA, the PelviCup is a budget-friendly cup for women with a mid to high cervix. There are plenty of options to choose from as the cup is available in 4 sizes, including a teen size. Benefit from a comfortable design with a secure fit, offering complete protection from leaks. Unlike single-use tampons and pads, PelviCup products have you covered for 8 consecutive hours.

Super Jennie offers one of the highest capacity period cups on the market. It can carry up to 41ml of period blood, making it great for women with a very heavy flow. On the other hand, the soft silicone cup may not pop open easily if you have weak pelvic floor muscles or any degree of prolapse. However, the cups are still suitable for most women.

The Australian-made TOM Organic Cups are uniquely designed with finger indents for simple insertion and removal. To make cleaning easier, each TOM Organic Cup also comes complete with its own microwave steriliser case. Simply place your cup in the case with about 50ml of water and microwave it for approximately 60 seconds to sanitise your cup.

Made by GladRags, the XO Flo is a high-capacity period cup suitable for women with a heavy flow. Each cup is soft, comfortable, and designed with internal rings to make insertion and removal easier. More so, the smooth ‘rimless’ exterior makes it a great choice for women with a mid to high cervix.

Menstrual cup selection tips

If you’re still unsure of which period cup brand to choose, these tips might help you make an informed decision. It helps to consider your anatomy, lifestyle, and budget when choosing a cup.

Tip #1 – Check your cervix position

The most important advice for any woman looking to buy her first period cup is to learn how to check cervix position. This is probably the most significant factor in choosing a cup. If you have a low cervix and buy a cup that is too long, it will constantly slip out and be uncomfortable. If you have a high cervix and purchase a cup that is too short, you may find removal more difficult.

Tip #2 – Consider the size of your vaginal canal

Teens, or women who know they have a small vaginal canal, should opt for the teen size cups. These are smaller in diameter and easier to insert for young girls beginning their cup journey.

Tip #3 – Choose a cup suitable for your pelvic floor

If you have a weak pelvic floor, a partial prolapse, or have any degree of incontinence (avid urine leakage when sneezing, laughing, jumping, etc), then you should generally opt for wider and shorter ‘low cervix’ cups such as the Juju Model 4. These cups are wider and will be less likely to leak for women with weaker pelvic floor tone or a low to mid-height cervix.

Tip #4 – Consider softer cups

If you are prone to UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections), then you may find a softer cup more suitable. It will place less pressure on the urethra, ensuring you can adequately empty your bladder. Good options are the Saalt SoftMe Luna Soft, and Super Jennie cups. These are also good cups for women who find they can usually feel a menstrual cup when it is inserted, or who feel any pain or pressure when using a cup.

Tip #5 – Consider firm cups

If you are a particularly fit person or have very strong pelvic floor muscles from muscle-toning activities, then you should consider a firm cup such as the Me Luna Sport. Strong Pelvic Floor muscles will be less likely to ‘squash’ the rim of firmer cups and reduce the possibility of leaking.

Period underwear and reusable pads

We also carry a range of period underwear and washable pads for women who would like ‘peace of mind’ when wearing a menstrual cup. For teens who do not wish to begin their cup journey just yet, period underwear and cloth pads are also useful for the beginning and end of your period to handle spotting. In this case, the Pelvi Period Undies are a great budget-friendly option. Alternatively, the WUKA period pants are high-quality, high-capacity pants.

Menstrual cup accessories

Choose from a range of menstrual cup cleaners that are free from oils and harmful chemicals. Using the wrong soap to clean your cup has the potential to affect the integrity of menstrual cup silicone, reducing its lifespan. Cup wipes and the Hello Go Spray are also useful for cleaning your cup while out and about, or when unable to access clean water.

If boiling your cup on the stove is not your preference, you can choose to microwave sterilise your cup using the Ruby Steriliser or a microwave steriliser bag. While many cup brands now manufacture their own cup cleaner, you can typically use any brand of cleaner on any brand of cup.

Frequently asked questions:

The best menstrual cup for beginners is usually a mini, small, or teen-sized cup. The following brands are a good starting point:

  1. PelviCup for teens
  2. Saalt Teen Cup
  3. Hello Cup

The best menstrual cup for a heavy flow is the Super Jennie Cup. The large and wide design of the cup allows it to carry around 10ml more liquid than most large or extra-large cups.  This means women with a heavy flow can still get a full day of wear for up to 8 hours. Menstrual discs also have a very high capacity, however, if allowed to become too full, they can occasionally dislodge and leak.

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