Top 5 Menstrual Cup Brands as Reviewed by MCA Online Customers

We have compiled a list of the top 5 menstrual cup brands currently sold on our website. We have chosen each one according to sales, number of customer reviews, and average 5 star rating, however, the ranking order does not particularly indicate that one brand is better than the other. These are simply the 5 we have found to be the most consistent and most successful amongst our customers when it comes to sustainably managing their periods. These are genuine reviews left by real women from all around Australia. While this post may be helpful to you when selecting a cup, we strongly recommend that you also read our more in depth guide that will assist you in choosing the right cup based on factors such as cervix height, level of flow, and pelvic floor tone. 

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#1 Ruby Cup

The Ruby Cup has been one of our most loved brands since being first introduced to our store in 2018. The biggest draw card to this particular brand is their B1G1 initiative. For every Ruby Cup sold, they donate one cup to a girl in a developing nation. This applies to all sales through any retail channel, and the distribution of the donated cups is done in partnership with organisations that not only give the cups to disadvantaged girls, but also provide education on menstrual health and hygiene. This helps reduce the number of girls missing school due to their periods, and also reduces the humiliation and shame that many experience when unable to readily access menstrual hygiene products. We consider the Ruby Cup to be a great all rounder cup suitable for most women with an average to high cervix.

The Ruby Cup currently has the most reviews of all our brands, and not only this, 92% of these are currently 4 stars or higher (82% 5 star, 10% 4 star).

#2 Saalt Regular

Added to our range in 2019, the Saalt Regular Cup is another terrific all rounder that has proven to be reliable and effective. The packaging of Saalt is by far one of the nicest of the brands we carry, making it an excellent cup to gift and a pleasure to receive. Saalt has become a proven brand around the world and is definitely one of our ‘go to’ recommendations for women who just don’t know where to start. It is suitable for most women with an average to high cervix, and it is also available in a more economical ‘duo box’ option. The Duo Box includes one of each size Saalt and is particularly beneficial for women who are not sure which size they need, or who may prefer the larger one for the heavier days of their period and the smaller size for the lighter days. This duo pack can also be a more cost effective option for a mother and daughter duo who require a different size each. In addition to their great products, Saalt also offer a ‘period bliss guarantee’, making their customer service 5 star as well. 

The Saalt Soft also deserves an honourable mention. This is exactly the same in design as the regular Saalt and is also available in a duo box, however, it is made from softer silicone. Being softer, it is more suitable for women who find standard cups to be too firm or uncomfortable, or for women who suffer regular urinary tract infections. Out of our soft cup options, the Saalt version is definitely a stand out.

While not having the highest number of reviews, The Saalt Regular does have a good amount to it’s name and has a rating of 4.9 stars. In addition to this, the rest of the Saalt range of products have a star rating between 4.6 and 5, making it one of our most consistently high rated brands.

#3 Juju Cup

The Juju Cup is one of the few Australian made menstrual cups and one of the first made available to the Australian market. Since it’s initial creation, Juju has expanded it’s range to cater to women with different height cervix’s, meaning nearly anyone can find a Juju Cup in the perfect size for their particular anatomy.

The Juju Cup is one of our most reviewed brands, currently with a 82% rating of 4 stars or more (66% 5 star, 16% 4 star).

#4 Pelvi Cup

The Pelvi Cup proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune to make the switch to a menstrual cup. Not only is this a great economical starter cup for women dipping their toes in the menstrual cup journey, the Pelvi actually works. A simple, no fuss cup that is available in 4 sizes (from teen to Large), Pelvi has you covered no matter your level of flow or age and stage in life. Suitable for women with a mid or high cervix. Even though it is one of our cheapest brands, it is still reputably made in the USA.

Of it’s many reviews, the Pelvi cup currently has a 91% rating of 4 stars or more (78% 5 star, 13% 4 star).

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#5 nixit Menstrual Disc

nixit makes menstrual cups simple. Made from ultra soft silicone and designed as a unique, one size fits all shape, the nixit menstrual disc conforms to you. No size guessing, and no tricky folding. Because a disc tucks up behind the tailbone rather than relying on suction, it is great for people with a weak pelvic floor or who find they just can’t get their cup to seal properly. It also suits most cervix heights and anatomies, and unlike menstrual cups, a disc can be worn during sex.

Eventhough Discs are still relatively new comers to the reusable period care market, the nixit has hit the ground running and currently has a 88% rating of 4 stars or more (78% 5 star, 10% 4 star).

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