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Would you gift a Menstrual Cup?

Christmas is just around the corner and you may be trying to think of a unique gift for friends and family. Have you considered gifting a menstrual cup to your mothers, sisters, or female friends? We may all sit on different sides of the fence regarding this idea. For some women, a menstrual cup has …

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GladRags reusable menstrual pads

We’re pleased to say that GladRags will soon be available for you to purchase here in Australia! NOW AVAILABLE! Two of the primary reasons many women are shifting to the use of menstrual cups over disposable feminine hygiene products is to reduce landfill and to save on the costs of consistently buying disposable products. As much as …

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How Menstruation Works

How Menstruation works video transcript – Emma Bryce on TED-Ed It might seem hard to believe, but, as you read this, 300 million women across the planet are experiencing the same thing: a period! The monthly menstrual cycle that leads to the period, is a reality that most women on earth will go through during …

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Menstrual cups and sex

We are often asked if a menstrual cup can be used during sexual intercourse. So, what is the low down when it comes to a menstrual cup and sex? It is not recommended that you use a reusable menstrual cup during intercourse. The cups are fairly large and quite firm. They also usually sit quite low …

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amount of menstrual flow

Amount of menstrual flow

Know your amount of menstrual flow The average women will lose around 35ml (approximately 2.5 tablespoons) of menstrual fluid (blood) throughout the duration of her cycle. This would be an average of 7-12ml per day over a 3-5 day cycle. Since every woman is different, this amount can range from 10-80mls or 1-6 tablespoons. Most menstrual …

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