The new and improved Juju cup

We are pleased to announce that we are now selling the new and improved Juju Cup. This Australian brand of menstrual cup has been made even better with a few design improvements as JuJu Cup Model 2well as the addition of 2 new cup sizes.

The original Juju was a shiny finish, and although it did have a butterfly grip pattern at the base, the shiny surface could make removal a little bit more tricky. The butterfly print is now a matte finish (with the remainder of the cup still shiny), providing extra grip when it comes time to remove the cup. The Stem now also features nodules. These nodules are designed to help strengthen and reinforce the stem, while also providing guidance on where to trim the stem, should you need to do so.

In addition to the design changes, Juju has also released 2 new models. While the majority of women will be fine to use the original Model 1 or 2 Juju cups. The model 3 and 4 have been specifically designed to meet a current gap in the Australian market for women who have a particularly high or low cervix position.

The Model 3 is much longer than the standard Juju cup and even longer than the Diva. It is particularly suited to those women who have a very high cervix and who may struggle with the removal of standard size menstrual cups.

The Model 4 is much shorter than the standard Juju cup and most other brands currently available. It is designed to be used by women who have a very low lying cervix, or for women who have weak pelvic floor tone. The shorter length of the cup assists with insertion and comfort, while the wider diameter helps provide a better seal and leak protection for women with a weak pelvic floor. Before choosing a model 4, it is essential that you check the height of your cervix before, during, and after your period to ensure you do in fact have a low lying one. Checking during your cycle is important as your cervix height does tend to change during menstruation. If you purchase the Model 4 and don’t have a low lying cervix, removal of the cup may be more difficult. You can check the position of your cervix by reading the following instructions:

While both the Model 3 and Model 4 designs are suitable for women who have given birth and who haven’t, they are NOT recommended for young women or virgins.

These design changes and cup additions, along with fresh new packaging make the Juju cup a great choice for women wanting to begin the menstrual cup journey and who wish to support Australian made and owned!

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