Is the Diva Cup right for you?

Many women get confused when it comes to choosing a menstrual cup. While all cups are designed to achieve the same
purpose and often only differ in very minor ways, the differences are enough to make women question which brand to buy. The decision usually comes down to the brand that has been recommended by a friend or family member, or the brand which has had the most publicity. In all these cases, the Diva Cup is one of the most widely known menstrual cup brands and is often the one women will automatically go to purchase.

The Diva Cup took the world by storm – and with good reason. It’s a fun brand, that ensures it’s products are developed to the highest standards. The Diva is also suitable for most women. However, what many women don’t realise, is that the Diva Cup is one of the longest cups on the market. So why does this matter?

While differences between cups are largely minimal, these ‘minimal’ Diva Cup menstrual cupdifferences can make a big difference when being used in a small space! One of the main differences to consider when choosing a cup is it’s length, as this can affect how the cup sits inside the vaginal canal, if you can feel it, and if it has a tendency to fall out. The very first thing we recommend you do before you purchase your first menstrual cup is to determine the height/position of your cervix. This is a very simple process, and although may come with a slight ‘ick’ factor, it is well worth it. Not only will it help you choose the right brand of period cup, it will also help you to understand your own body better. The height of your cervix is the main contributing factor in deciding if the Diva Cup will be suitable for you.

The Diva Cup is one of the best choices for women who have a high cervix, since the extra length of the cup will make it easier to insert and remove. If you have a moderate height cervix, the Diva Cup should be suitable, you may just need to remove the stem. If you have a low lying cervix, we do not recommend the Diva Cup as it is likely to be too long for your vaginal canal and not insert fully or properly. If you have a low lying cervix then we would suggest the Juju cup, either in their standard model, or if you have a particularly low cervix, the new Juju short model.

The height difference of the Diva cup compared to the Lunette and Juju is most notable in the model 1 size. So for young teenage girls, or for girls who do not wish to increase the risk of breaking their hymen, we would recommend the Lunette or Juju model 1 cups rather than the Diva.

In all other areas, the Diva Cup is much the same. The matte Silicone in feel, appearance, and softness is practically identical to the Lunette, as are the grip rings on the base of the cup. All of the cups hold a similar amount of fluid and feel the same in resistance and firmness to fold.

So in summary, the Diva Cup is all that it’s talked up to be. It is a trusted and reputable brand that is helping women switch to a more sustainable and comfortable way of managing their periods. However, it is best suited to women with a moderate to high lying cervix, and for women at the higher end of the model 1 age bracket who are sexually active.

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