Which are the best Menstrual Cups to Gift?

Are you looking for a unique and sustainable Christmas gift for a loved one this year? Have you considered giving the gift of a menstrual cup? It’s surprising how many women still have not heard of the benefits of switching from traditional disposable period care products to a menstrual cup. Yet, once they hear about them and make the change, the overwhelming majority never look back! Perhaps you have tried to convince others that they should give a cup a go but they just don’t want to take the risk of trying something different. Or, perhaps a loved one has hinted at their desire to try a cup, but they just haven’t gotten around to purchasing one yet.

Menstrual Cups to Gift at Christmas

There are heaps of menstrual cup options available now, and choosing the best cup can largely be a very personal decision. One of the key factors in choosing a cup is first knowing whether or not you have a low, mid, or high cervix. This may not be something you want to ask a friend in order to help decide on a cup, so below we have provided a few of our favourite options that suit the majority of women and help reduce the risk associated with buying a cup for someone else.

#1 Our Top Pick is the Merula One Size

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The unique ladder stem of this cup means it will suit the widest range of cervix heights (From low to very high). This is also a ‘one size’ cup so there is no guessing sizes based on ones age and stage of life. It is a high capacity cup which suits most flow levels, without being enormous and daunting for a new user. Finally, the Merula is available in 3 fun colours and comes in cute compact packaging. This is a cup you will be proud to wrap up and give away!

#2 Saalt Duo Pack

The Saalt cups are a consistently loved brand. The testimonials speak for themselves! Saalt are great ‘all rounder’ cups that suit the majority of women and cervix heights (except very low). In purchasing a duo pack such as this, you provide your friend with the option of trying two differently sized cups so that they can determine which one best suits their anatomy and flow. We feel that the Saalt cup is one of the most nicely packaged brands making it a great option to gift. Overall, Saalt is a great reliable brand to begin a menstrual cup journey with.

#3 Hello Cup Duo Pack

Similar to the Saalt cups, the Hello Duo Pack also provides the option of 2 different size cups, which eliminates your need to guess sizing. They are also a great ‘all rounder’ cup suitable for most women, and they come in bright and cheery colours, or simple and practical black. Hello has the largest selection of colours and sizes in their duo packs, meaning you can choose the one that best suits the age and personal style of your gift recipient. If you are thinking of buying one of these packs for someone over the age of 25, we would recommend a duo pack containing a S/M and L/XL cup. If this pack will be for someone under 25, consider choosing the duo pack that contains an XS (Teen) and S/M cup.


Encouraging those you love to make the switch to a menstrual cup not only reduces unnecessary landfill around our planet, it will also allow them to enjoy more freedom and comfort to do the things they love most, no matter what time of the month it is!

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