Menstrual Dignity

Who Can’t Afford to Menstruate?

The need to make menstrual management economically sustainable for all The global discourse on period dignity goes hand in hand with economic sustainability of menstrual management. It takes only a quick review of the relevant literature to see how closely linked “period shame” is to the accessibility of hygiene infrastructure and affordability of hygiene products. In …

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Menstrual Education and Period Dignity

Our ideas of universal menstrual education and period dignity are still rather medieval for a natural bodily function that directly affects 1.8 billion human beings on the globe. Open conversations about periods are fraught with shyness and hesitation even between our mothers and daughters, let alone involving the male members of our families. Menstrual education …

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Ruby Cup B1G2 in May

Make the Switch to a Ruby Menstrual Cup in May and help 2 girls in need! If you have been considering trying a menstrual cup, then now is a great time to make the switch. For the entire month of May, Ruby Cup are doubling their cup donations. If you buy 1, they give 2! …

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Why is Menstruation a Taboo topic?

Whilst half the world’s population menstruates during their reproductive years, the topic of menstruation is still taboo in most socialites and rarely talked about openly or without embarrassment. Why is menstruation, which is a natural bodily function, seen as an embarrassing or shameful topic? In this article, you will find 5 common reasons that contribute to …

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