Ruby Cup B1G2 in May

Make the Switch to a Ruby Menstrual Cup in May and help 2 girls in need!

Ruby Cup B1G2 in May

If you have been considering trying a menstrual cup, then now is a great time to make the switch. For the entire month of May, Ruby Cup are doubling their cup donations. If you buy 1, they give 2! It has always been the mission of Ruby Cup to help make period care better for disadvantaged girls and women. The standard Ruby policy, that operates all year, is that if  you purchase a Ruby Cup (no matter the place you purchase it from), they will match your purchase by donating 1 cup to a girl or woman in need. They have partnered with organisations in some developing nations to oversee the distribution of cups, and also education on how to use them.

In the lead up to Ruby Cup showcasing their products and building awareness at the 1 million women expo later this month, they have decided to double all donations. That means that for every Ruby Cup sold throughout May 2019, Ruby will donate 2 cups to help disadvantaged girls manage their period in safety, privacy, and with dignity.

So if you have been thinking of making the switch, know of someone who is, or are just trying to decide which cup to purchase, now is a great time to give the Ruby Cup a go. With excellent reviews, terrific customer service, and a commitment to helping those in need, you can’t go wrong. See some of the testimonies from their distribution partners below.

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