Menstrual Health

5 Natural Period Pain Remedies

Menstrual pain is often considered to be one of the worst ailments a woman experiences throughout her lifetime.  Although many people turn to pain medicines, like ibuprofen, there are some period pain remedies that may help you manage the pain at home naturally and simply. 1. Heat Applying a heated pad, a hot water bottle, or …

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How Menstruation Works

How Menstruation works video transcript – Emma Bryce on TED-Ed It might seem hard to believe, but, as you read this, 300 million women across the planet are experiencing the same thing: a period! The monthly menstrual cycle that leads to the period, is a reality that most women on earth will go through during …

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How to Check Cervix Position: Low vs. High Cervix Check the position of your cervix to figure out which menstrual cup to use. Learning how to check your cervix position will help you determine which menstrual cup length and shape to choose, as well as whether or not you should trim the stem. It can …

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