How your cup purchase can provide dignity to others

For most women, the decision to switch from disposable period care products to a menstrual cup is based on the many benefits a cup has to offer. However, what many women don’t realise, is that in most cases, their purchase is also helping to provide period dignity to other women. This may be in the form of menstrual cup donations to disadvantaged girls and women (both locally and internationally), and also in the form of education on how to better manage their period. This not only helps reduce the stigma surrounding menstruation, it also practically helps women to more hygienically and effectively manage their periods.

Some menstrual cup brands have founded their business and brand on a model of generosity to others. Other brands are doing great thingsClick on this symbol in any product description to learn what that particular company is doing for other girls and women. for others behind the scenes. In order to help you better understand what your purchase is helping to support, we have added a dignity symbol to each product description. You can click on this symbol and learn about the various ways that particular company is helping provide dignity to others. If a brand does not have the symbol, it may mean that we have not yet learnt of what programmes they are involved in, or
at this stage, they may not be undertaking anything.

Depending on which brand of menstrual cup you buy, you can know that while you get to enjoy all the benefits a menstrual cup has to offer, others are enjoying period dignity as well.

See what each brand is involved in to help provide dignity to others:






XO Flo / Gladrags





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