How OrganiCup provides dignity to others

Organicup are involved in a number of different projects not only in developing countries, but also in developed countries such as the UK, Canada,OrganiCup Menstrual Cup and Denmark. 
For the OrganiCup company, periods are taboo everywhere until periods are taboo nowhere. 
The accessibility to period products in developing countries has long been known as an issue and girls have had to use make-shift solutions to manage their periods. What’s more, in recent years, it’s been brought to the world’s attention that period poverty is also very present in developed countries. No matter where, lack of access to period products limit girls and women from living their daily lives and exercising their basic rights – such as getting an education, going to work or even socialising. 
That is why OrganiCup has made it their mission to provide a sustainable and scalable solution to end period poverty. Together with their partner NGOs, they aim to ensure those in need receive proper education about menstrual health and have access to period products.
So far, OrganiCup have donated more than 5000 cups to more than 20 partners in 15 different countries. They work with many different NGOs but here are a few links to some of them as well as how OrganiCup supports them:
Share the Dignity Australia: OrganiCup donated 50 cups to Share the Dignity’s 2019 Christmas appeal.
City to Sea based in the UK
Project: UK educational school program. Supported with donation of cups and education.
WoMena based in DK:
Projects: In Uganda focused on school girls and Denmark focused on sex workers and refugees. OrganiCup support with cup donations and education.
My Period is Awesome based in SE:
Project: In South Africa focused on school girls and boys. Cup donations and education.
Freedom 4 Girls based in the UK:
Projects: In the UK and Kenya focused on school girls. Supported with cups. 
Project Period based in the UK:
Project: In Kenya focused on school girls. Supported with cups. 
On the OrganiCup website, you can also view their Impact page with more initiatives and projects:
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