How GladRags provides dignity to others

The GladRags company is involved in a few things to help provide dignity to menstruators of all genders and they love being able to give back to the XO Flo menstrual cup by Gladragscommunity. Here is a short list of some of things they have been a part of:
  • GladRags raised and donated $US676 to the Trevor Project, which helps young LGBTQ folks with suicide prevention services.
  • They provide educators with free education kits and have donated to birth educators, college programs and school health teachers! 
  • They do workshops for companies who want to share information- Including Catholic Charities (they hold a “Periods in the US” workshops for new Immigrants) and elementary schools. They also attended the Oregon Country Fair and held a work shop in the menstrual hut.
  • The company attended and tabled at the Climate Strike, in Portland and they enjoyed talking with the youth about how they can take personal action.
GladRags is also a Leaping Bunny and B Corp Certified business.
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