How Juju provides dignity to others


Juju have partnered with Share the Dignity since 2015, providing a yearly monetary donation to this Australian-based charity. Share theJuJu Cup Model 2 Dignity provide sanitary products to homeless women, women in crisis, women who may be fleeing domestic violence as well as to other at-risk individuals such as school aged children from low income households who have limited or no access to sanitary products.

Juju also enable individuals wanting to donate a cup or cloth pads to a person in need to do so, at a discounted price, though the Juju website. To date, in excess of 1,200 cups have been donated by members of the public to others in need. These donations are sent directly to Share the Dignity for distribution to shelters across Australia.

In addition to this, Juju have provided an in-kind donation of 1,000 menstrual cups to Days for Girls. Days for Girls help keep girls in school in developing countries overseas by providing them with access to reusable menstrual products as well as menstrual education. Volunteers can get involved and make menstrual kits through one of the many Days for Girls chapters throughout the world and they also encourage local industry through their local social enterprise program.  

Over the years Juju have also donated menstrual products to a number of smaller drives such as Packages for the Homeless and the Melbourne Period Project.


Juju provide display samples to educators such as primary and high school teachers and nurses, Celebration Day for Girls facilitators, sexual health educators, and women’s health physios, etc. 


JuJu Cups

JuJu Cups are manufactured in Australia. As such, they do not have any certificates or fair trade/employment however employees are paid in accordance with industry or occupation-based awards and conditions.

JuJu Cups were registered with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in 2011, ARTG 180153, and with the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2017, Est No 3013920287. JuJu Cups are manufactured to strict ISO standards including ISO 13485:2016 (the international standard for the production of medical equipment) and ISO 9001:2015 (for Quality Management). The cups are manufactured in a Class 8 cleanroom environment with the cleanroom requiring recertification every year.

Cloth Pads

JuJu Organic Cloth Pads are manufactured in South Korea. The organic cotton fabric used in the pads is OCS and GOTS certified. The GOTS Certification process ensures a number of social criteria, including minimum age, wages and number of hours are met.

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