Ruby Cup Promotion – Now’s a great time to make the switch!

Ruby Cup 20% off promotion

To coincide with Environmenstrual week which runs from the 19th-25th October 2020, Ruby Cup will be offering 20% off their blue menstrual cups.  It is hoped that during this time, more awareness can be raised around the hidden chemicals and plastics usually found in conventional menstrual products. This promotion will also focus on encouraging women to make the switch to reusable and organic period care options as a more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative.

Through starting the conversation around how to more sustainably manage periods, discussion and awareness can also be created regarding the very real issue of period poverty. The aim of Ruby Cup and many other companies is to work towards ensuring that everyone has access to affordable, sustainable, healthy, and plastic free period products.

There is no better time to can make the switch to healthy, eco-friendly menstrual products, such as a menstrual cup. Over a lifetime, a woman can use an average of 9,500 disposable tampons, pads and/or panty-liners. These all contain plastic and will eventually end up in landfill, in our seas and rivers; even on our beaches.

Promotion Details:

Ruby Cup are helping you make the switch to a healthy and eco-friendly menstrual cup as simple, easy, and cost-effective as possible. During Environmenstrual week (19th-25th October 2020), Ruby are offering 20% off their blue cups. This offer is only available for purchases made direct through the Ruby Cup website or through participating retailers such as MCA Online. In addition to this promotion, MCA Online will also be offering 20% off the RED Ruby Cups. Best of all, the Ruby Cup ‘Buy One, Give One’ promise still applies! This means that not only will your Ruby Cup purchase be helping you manage your period more sustainably; your purchase will also be helping end period poverty through education and awareness, and also through providing people with access to healthy plastic-free period products. 

Still unsure if a menstrual cup is the right decision for you? Ruby Cup now offer a 120 day, no questions asked, money back (or size change) guarantee. That gives you over 3 months to try your new Ruby Cup to make sure it is the best fit for you!

The Blue and Red Ruby cups will be on sale (20% off) through MCA Online between the 19th-25th October 2020, or while stocks last.


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