DivaCup™ Australia? – Yes, the best known cup in the world is available in Australia!

So much of what we read these days comes from International sites which can make it confusing knowing which products can or can’t be purchased in Australia. Well, we’re pleased to say that the DivaCup is definitely available to Australian women. It is listed in the ARTG (ID: 173694), comes in model 1 and model 2 and includes a little carry pouch for storage. You may have Diva Cup Australianoticed that the DivaCup website is USA based. Currently there is no Australian specific website for the DivaCup. Another common mistake is that we (MCA Online) are the distributor. We are simply an online retailer who has gathered all the menstrual cups currently available in Australia into one place. This helps make choosing the most suitable menstrual cup for each individual woman that little bit easier. The actual distributor of the DivaCup in Australia is Barton Brands (formerly Lightning Brands).

While the DivaCup is by far the most well known brand of menstrual cup in the world, it is simply that – a brand! The DivaCup is a fantastic product. It delivers all those wonderful benefits that menstrual cup fans rave on about. However, many quality brands will also deliver the same results. So how do you determine between the Diva Cup and other brands currently available in Australia? At the end of the day they are all much of a muchness. The subtle differences being in cup length, capacity, and cup diameter. You can compare the cups we currently stock (Diva, Lunette, Juju, and Keeper) at our cup comparison page. The only people we may not recommend the Diva Cup for is women who have a low cervix. Since the Diva is the longest of the cups, this can make it too long for those of us with a short vaginal canal.

We hope you can find all the relevant information you require about the DivaCup and menstrual cups in general on our site. However, if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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