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Keeper Cup

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Released in 1987 and made from natural gum rubber, the Keeper Cup is the natural choice.

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Product Description

The Keeper Cup – The natural choice

The Keeper cup is unique in that it is made from flexible natural gum rubber (latex). The brown colour is from the gum rubber, and not from the addition of colours or dyes. Launched in 1982, the Keeper cup has been helping women enjoy better periods worldwide for nearly 30 years.

Please note: The Keeper cup is not suitable for women who are allergic to latex.

Keeper Cup features:

  • Made from natural gum rubber (latex)
  • Free from colours and dyes
  • Smooth hollow stem with no unnecessary rims on the stem to irritate sensitive tissue
  • Smooth cup surface for comfort and easy cleaning
  • Can be worn for up to 12 hours or overnight
  • Available in 2 sizes: Size A and Size B (Please note: that the Keeper sizing is a little different in that Size A is the larger cup and Size B is the smaller cup)
  • Comes with a carry pouch
  • Registered by the FDA and listed in the ARTG (ID: 68249)
  • Made in the USA




You may also find our Menstrual Cup General Sizing Guidelines helpful

Please note: Unlike the other menstrual cup brands, in the case of the Keeper cup, Size A is the larger cup, and Size B is the smaller cup.

Afor women who have had vaginal childbirth anytime, OR for all women over 30 years old
Bfor everyone else, including women who have had a caesarean section

How to use your Keeper Cup

Find a comfortable position that will allow you to easily insert your cup. That may be sitting on the toilet, putting one leg up on the edge of the bathtub or squatting.You may wish to experiment with one these 9 Folding techniques to help find the one that works best for you.

Inserting the Keeper Cup

Step 1: WashWash your hands and cup
Step 2: Foldfold your Keeper Cup by pressing the sides of the lightweight, flexible cup together. Then, fold the cup in half again. This creates a 'C' fold.
Step 3. HoldNow, hold the folded Keeper Cup between your thumb and index finger
Step 4: InsertTo insert The Keeper Cup, sit on the toilet (or in an equally relaxed position) and insert your foldedKeeper or Moon Cup completely into the vagina. Let the cup unfold by releasing your fingers.
Step 5: RotateAfter inserting, gently rotate it with your fingertips, before gently pulling it down and forward into position at your vaginal opening. Gently pull on the stem and you should feel that your Keeper Cup is firmly in place.
Step 6: CheckThe Keeper Cup follows the natural slant of your vagina. It doesn't touch the cervix; it rest's comfortably below it. Be sure the stem is at the entrance to the vagina, and completely outside of your body.

Removing the Keeper Cup

Step 1: Grasp the cupSit on the toilet and grasp the stem firmly so that the tips of your fingers pinch the base of the cup. This action allows air to enter around the cup, releasing the suction, and making it easy to remove.
Step 2: Ease outEase your Keeper Cup gently forward and downward, supporting the bottom of the cup with your fingertips to prevent spilling.
Step 3: EmptyEmpty the contents of the cup into the toilet.
Step 4: Re-insertIf you are still having your period and want to reinsert your Keeper Cup, simply rinse it or wipe it with a tissue and reinsert.
Step 5: Final washAt the end of your period, wash The Keeper Cup in soapy water – or it can be rinsed (not soaked) in dilute vinegar solution (1 part vinegar to 9 parts water). Rinse it in this solution for no more than 3 minutes.
Step 6: Dry & storeLet your Keeper Cup air dry. Place your Keeper Cup in the convenient cotton fabric bag it came in to store it between periods. Never store your cup in an airtight container.
Step 7: WarningDO NOT rinse or soak your Keeper Cup in any solution stronger than 1 part vinegar to 9 parts water or in any other chemical solution. Exposing The Keeper Cup to such solutions can result in damage to it.

How often should you empty the Keeper Cup

Your Keeper or Moon Cup holds one full ounce of menstrual fluid. Most women produce only 2 to 4 ounces during their entire periods. So, emptying the cup a few times each day is usually sufficient. In a month or two, you will become familiar with your own menstrual flow pattern, and will know when to empty it. Every 8 to 12 hours is typical; more frequently when experiencing a heavy menstrual flow.

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