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Replace your tampons and pads with the WUKA Period Pants!

Say goodbye to conventional pads and tampons, along with the landfill associated with them. Say hello to the WUKA period pants. The waistband of these period panties has plenty of stretch, providing a gentle and comfortable fit, and secure placement. The pants are made up of 4 layers. The top and bottom layers are made from moisture wicking cotton. Between these two outer layers are an absorbent layer and a leak proof layer.  Unlike traditional pads, you will not need to worry about the gusset moving or scrunching, as the absorbent layers are completely integrated into the pants. WUKA customers have been able to run marathons in a heatwave, go to school without fear of leaks, sleep soundly and much more – all with the help of these period pants.

WUKA Heavy Flow Pant Features:

  • Made from soft and comfy cotton.
  • Depending on your level of flow, WUKA medium flow pants can be worn for up to 8 hours on all but your heaviest days.
  • WUKA medium flow can hold at least 15ml of blood, which is equal to 2-3 tampons.
  • Bikini cut design is stylish and comfortable.
  • Quicker drying than the WUKA heavy flow pants.
  • Can be worn and washed for around 2 years. After a couple of years of washing, the pants may lose some of their absorbency ability, making them better suited for your light days or as a menstrual cup back up.
  • WUKA pants are Vegan
  • WUKA pants are also a suitable and convenient solution for postpartum discharge, endometriosis flow and bladder leaks (urinary incontinence).

WUKA Sizing:

The WUKA sizes are generous, and the fabrics soft and stretchy. If you are between sizes, we would recommend you select the smaller size. Please note that UK pant sizes are the same as AU pant sizes. Using your hip measurement will help give the most accurate size.

WUKA Care Guide:

Taking care of your WUKA pants is simple.

  1. First things first – Always rinse after wearing your pants, to help prevent stains.
  2. Hand wash or machine wash cold at 40
  3. Line dry as per normal. Due to the extra layers which make up the WUKA pants, they make take longer than your regular underwear to dry.

Do NOT tumble dry

Do NOT use fabric softener as this could adversely affect the fabrics

WUKA Period Pants are an award winning period care solution



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