Hannahpad Ultra Overnight Pad

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Colour : Edelweiss Blue
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Edelweiss Blue
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Certified Organic Clothpads by Hannahpad

These washable cloth pads by Hannahpad are made from certified organic cotton. They come in gorgeous feminine floral patterns and are available in a variety of sizes to suit every stage of your period. The main focus of Hannahpad is women’s health and the health of the planet. The organic cotton pads are kept at the most natural state possible ensuring extra comfort and softness.

Hannahpad Super Ultra Overnight Pad Features:

  • Reusable organic cotton cloth pad with a patterned waterproof outer layer
  • The maximum available protection and longest Hannahpad. For heavy flow days/nights when lounging at home or to sleep in comfortably and feel protected overnight.
  • 42cm (L) x 19.5cm (W) 61g
  • Absorbency 120-180ml
  • Made from 100% certified organic cotton – these pads are so soft and comfortable
  • Chemical, fragrance, and dye free
  • Unbleached

Hannahpad features

Hannahpad cloth pad sizing

Caring for your Hannahpads:

1. Rinse under cold water as soon as possible to remove any discharge.

2. Create a lather using any natural laundry detergent.

3. Soak in a bucket/container of cold water with a natural detergent or laundry soaker for at least 6 hours or overnight. You can soak your Hannahpads for up to 48 hours if necessary.

4. Hand wash* or machine wash in cold water.

*If hand washing, you can speed drying time by placing the washed pads on the spin cycle in your machine to remove excess water.

5. After washing, dry your Hannahpads as quickly as possible to prevent the formation of mould. Dry in the sun immediately where possible, as it is a natural antibacterial. Ensure they are fully dry before storing. If your pads do become mouldy you can soak them in a solution of vinegar or borax.

To preserve the life of your Hannahpads please DO NOT Bleach, Dry Clean, Tumble Dry, or use Fabric softener

For your health & hygiene DO NOT USE your Hannahpads if they develop any mould. You should dispose of your Hannahpads immediately if any mould is present.

How to fold your Hannahpads

Using the Hannahpads:

1. With the pattern facing downwards, place your Hannahpad over the inside of your underwear.

2. Fold the wings over the outside of your underwear and secure using the plastic snap fastener.


Flower Garden Pink, Edelweiss Blue, Antique Indigo, Innocent Green, Morning Glory Purple, Cherry Blossom Blue, Sproutling Black

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Get your ruler out and see how big these are before you get them. They are huge!

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