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The nixit is one of a few menstrual discs and has been a proven favourite amongst our customers. Founded by Rachael Newton, the nixit philosophy it not just to create an excellent period care product, but about also creating an environment where we all feel comfortable to discuss periods. The nixit is a unique circular shape disc that is a one size fits all cup. It is ultra thin and comfortable, and is also suitable for period sex. To help give our customers a little more insight into the nixit Company, we asked them a few questions:

When did you begin manufacturing and selling the nixit?

Manufacturing of the nixit cup began in 2019

Why did you decide to create the nixit cup?

I had started to reduce my waste and began to look into cups.  I found all the different sizes and shapes really confusing – in the end I never ended up purchasing one! nixit solves the problem of working out which size is best for you – due to where it sits one size fits all and the cup is suction free so it’s really comfortable when it is in use.

When did you first hear about menstrual cups, and what were your first thoughts about them? 

I remember seeing an advert for a mooncup on the back of a bathroom door in a service station in the UK.  We had stopped off for a comfort break and were travelling with some friends. This was around 15 years ago. I was completely baffled – I had never heard of them before and I asked my friend who I was travelling with whether she had heard of them. She told me how they worked and I thought it sounded disgusting – at that time the thought of seeing and touching my own blood was something I thought was horrible.  Using nixit has completely changed that view for me – I cannot believe that for nearly 40 years I thought of my period in that way – this was all due to how periods were perceived and talked about.  I am now completely fascinated by my period blood and I love how in touch with my cycle I have become since making the switch.  And I’m on a mission with nixit to change how people talk about and view their cycles.

How has awareness of your brand predominately spread?

It’s definitely one of those products where word of mouth is the best way to increase awareness – once you start using it you just want to tell everyone about it!

What do you love most about your job?

I love being able to work in a space where we are genuinely helping menstruators have better periods – nothing feels better that getting a message from a customer about how nixit has changed their period!

What do you consider to be the greatest challenge/s to menstrual cup manufacturers and distributors (if any)?

I think there is still a perception that cups can be ‘gross’ or that they are not modern. We have some work to do to show people that menstrual cups really are the future of period care and that once you start to use one, there’s no going back!

What do you consider to be the greatest benefit from using a cup?

There are so many! The main driver for me creating nixit was the sustainability aspect, but since using it, I do love how in touch with my cycle I have become.

What do you think it is the greatest/most common challenge first time nixit users encounter?

If users are coming from a traditional cup, the insertion method is a bit different so there can be a bit of a learning curve – we are always available to chat it through and offer up tips and tricks! 

If there was one thing you could say to a woman contemplating trying a nixit, what would it be?

Don’t be put off by the size! Due to where it sits, most of our users cannot feel it and we are always here for tips, tricks and general period chat! 


It is important to us at nixit that every person who may receive a nixit has a choice of whether it is the right period product for them, access to our full support team and services and has access to clean water to sanitize their nixit. 


Nixit Menstrual Disc


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