Merula Cup

Founded by Merle-Marie Forstmann and released in 2017, the Merula cup eliminates the need for size guessing. Designed as a one size fits most model, the smoothMerula Menstrual Cup surface and unique design make it comfortable and suitable for women with any pelvic floor condition, and the unique ladder stem means anyone can make it the perfect length for their particular cervix height. On top of these unique design features, the Merula cups are some of the highest capacity cups available, making them an excellent option for women with a heavy flow!

We decided to ask the founder of Merula a few questions to find out more about the company. These were Merle’s answers:

  1. When did you first hear about menstrual cups, and what were your first thoughts about them?
    I first heard about menstrual cups at a birthday party in 2011. I was so intrigued by the idea that I ordered my first menstrual cup that night.

  2. Why did you decide to create the Merula cup?
    Because none of the menstrual cups I tried seemed to perfectly fit my needs, and because I heard about many other cup users having difficulties finding the right sized cup. For these reasons I decided to develop my own menstrual cup – the Merula Cup. It is one-size and can therefore fit (almost) every person who menstruates.

  3. What would you consider the greatest benefit from using a menstrual cup?
    There are so many great things about using a cup, from the medical grade material to the economical and ecological benefits. For me, the comfort of it is the greatest benefit. This includes the fact that I don’t have to change my product as often with a heavy flow and also that I cannot feel the cup while wearing it.

  4. What do you think is the greatest/most common challenge for a first time cup user?
    To explore and get used to their anatomy.

  5. If there was one thing you could say to a woman contemplating trying a menstrual cup what would it be?
    Do it! It will change your life 😊

  6. Are there any initiatives/partnerships or donations that you are involved with to help provide period dignity to women (locally or internationally) who may not have easy access to appropriate period care knowledge and/or products?
    We have been working with a few organisations providing Merula Cups to fight against period poverty locally and internationally. Additionally, we are constantly providing schools with samples of our products and educational material about menstrual cups.


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