Where can you purchase a DivaCup™ or any other menstrual cup?

Before we get started; you can purchase any of the menstrual cup brands currently available in Australia through our MCA Online webstore. Some or our leading brands include DivaJuju, Lunette, Ruby, and Saalt. We also stock a few cleaning accessories to assist with the care and maintenance of your period cup. We are an Australian owned and operated store and all orders are sent in discreet packaging and in a timely manner. You may however also want to know where else these cups are available.

So you’ve heard about a menstrual cup for the first time. You’ve done your research, perhaps talked to friends, and finally decided to take the plunge and give a menstrual cup a try. It’s quite likely that during your research you have come across the Diva, Lunette, and Juju cups, but you’re not sure where to go to purchase one. Well I’m sorry to say that since menstrual cups are still a fairly new concept, they are not as readily available in brick and mortar stores as other feminine hygiene products. That being said, the above brands are slowly becoming easier to find in speciality health and wellbeing stores as well as some pharmacies. If you would like to buy the DivaCup or any other menstrual cup in person, you would be best to visit the website of that particular brand to check out their list of suppliers before you go hunting around your local shopping centre. Hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised and find a local retailer near you. Don’t be shocked though if the store only carries one brand of menstrual cup. Most of the period cups are very similar in design and function, so stores are likely to select one brand and stock that one only.MCA Online

There are a number of online retailers selling the various brands of cups. A few things to consider if you are purchasing your menstrual cup online. More and more overseas businesses (mainly US) are creating .com.au stores. These web stores give the impression that they are an Australian owned and operated business, when in actual fact they are a foreign business that ships the products from the US to Australia. While you will likely still be receiving the exact product you are seeking, there could be longer or delayed postage times. It also pays to ensure the currency is accurate and reflecting the correct Australian dollar price.

There are many different brands of menstrual cups available worldwide. Any brands sold within Australia should first be listed in the ARTG (Australian Register or Therapeutic Goods). Menstrual cups are a feminine hygiene device and classed as a therapeutic good. At the date of this post, only the DivaCup, Juju Cup, Lunette Cup, and Keeper cup are listed in the ARTG.

If you have any questions regarding the various menstrual cups, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you. Alternatively, you can find out more about each brand by visiting their website:





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