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The Hello Mini Starter Pack is a terrific way to begin your sustainable period journey. Or, perhaps you could buy this boxed set for a friend. Includes 1 x Double box, 1 x Hello Go Spray, and 1 x Reusable Pantyliner.

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Say ‘hello’ to the ultimate period caboodle! This gorgeous little box contains a Hello Cup Double Box with two different cup sizes and the super handy ‘Hello Go’ Cup Cleansing Spray. Plus, the box also includes a FREE reusable pantyliner (The liner colour/design may vary from the one pictured). The pantyliner is a great little bonus and is perfect for days when you want a little more protection, or just want to replace every-day panty liners.


The XS & S/M Pack includes 1 x Lilac XS cup and 1 x Blue S/M cup
The S/M & Large Box includes 1 x Blue S/M and 1 x Blush Large cup


Hello Cup Features:

  • Made from TPE medical grade plastic sourced from Germany
  • Contains no rubber, latex, PBA’s, or heavy metals
  • Dyes used to colour the Hello Cup are certified food grade and comply with EU and FDA standards
  • Easy grip rings to make removal easier
  • Toggle stem
  • Fun colours
  • Variety of sizes for women of all ages and stages
  • The special rim of the Hello Cup helps to stop any splashes as you’re removing it
  • Can last for up to 5 years
  • Fully recyclable – that’s the cup and the packaging!
  • FDA registered
  • Made in New Zealand

Hello Go Features:

Hello Go is a water-based, patented formula by Zoono which will help protect your hands and cup from viruses and bacteria for up to 24 hours. Non-toxic and alcohol-free, Hello Go is a perfect travel size which is easy to keep in your bag and at only 50ml, small enough to take in airline hand luggage.

1 x 50ml bottle of Hello Go contains: 99% purified water and  < 1% quaternary ammonium compound  (which is derived from sand).


Hello Cup Sizing:

XS – Specifically designed for younger users, super-fit petite women, or for those that prefer a mini tampon. The XS Hello Cup is slightly smaller than the regular sizes. It is also softer, making insertion and learning to use a menstrual cup a little less daunting. Available in Lilac only.

The diameter of the XS is 38mm and the overall length including the toggle is 57mm. It holds 17.5ml (to the holes).

Small/Medium – the most popular size. This size is recommended for women who are under 35 years of age and who have not given birth. If you are a particularly fit woman with an excellent pelvic floor, then the S/M should be fine for you regardless of age. Available in Blue or Orange colours.

The diameter of the S/M is 41mm and the overall length, including the toggle, is 59mm. It holds 21mls (to the holes).

Large – the best choice for women who have given birth and/or are over the age of 35. Available in Fuchsia or Blush colours.

The diameter of the L is 45mm and the overall length, including the toggle, is 64mm. It holds 28ml (to the holes).


IMPORTANT: Menstrual Cups have been associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). TSS is a rare but serious disease that may cause death. Always read and keep the information contained with your cup. Use only as directed. Discontinue use of this product and consult a GP if you experience any adverse side effects.

Cup Size

XS & S/M, S/M & Large


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