• JuJu Cup

    $ 45.95
    The JuJu cup is the only Australian made and owned menstrual cup. Made from high quality medical grade silicone, and designed in consultation with ergonomists and gynaecologists, the JuJu delivers Australian women a comfortable, quality, and cost effective feminine hygiene alternative.
  • Lunette Cup

    $ 45.95
    The Lunette Cup offers natural freedom for women worldwide. Developed in Finland, Team Lunette have created a quality, comfortable, and ecological feminine hygiene alternative.
  • DivaCup

    $ 45.95
    The Diva Cup has been one of the most loved menstrual cups amongst women since it first launched worldwide in 2003. Offering comfortable protection against leaks.
  • Ruby Cup

    $ 36.95
    The simple little cup that quite literally makes a world of difference. Made from 100% medical grade silicone, the Ruby Cup is comfortable, convenient and registered with the Vegan Society. Best of all, for every Ruby Cup sold, another is donated to a girl in a third world country.
  • The Hello cup is a game changer in period care. It holds up to 3 times as much as a tampon, lasts for years, saves you money, is environmentally friendly, super comfortable and fully recyclable.
  • Pelvi Cup

    $ 31.95
    Made from 100% medical grade silicone, the Pelvi Cup is a great alternative to regular pads and tampons. The Pelvi cup is designed to collect rather than absorb menstrual flow. It is comfortable, convenient, and can last up to 10 years.
  • Keeper Cup

    $ 49.95
    Released in 1987 and made from natural gum rubber, the Keeper Cup is the natural choice.
  • FemmyCycle

    $ 59.95
    The FemmyCycle menstrual cup offers the convenience of a no-spill rim as well as a ring stem to allow easier removal and greater comfort.
  • Tackle your period like a Superhero with the Super Jennie Menstrual cup. High capacity for less frequent emptying. Comfortable, cute, and loved by both new and experienced users.