Where can I buy the Mooncup in Australia?

The Mooncup is a very well know brand of menstrual cup that is manufactured and sold in the UK (United Kingdom). You may be wondering why we don’t stock the Mooncup on MCA Online. Unfortunately, while the Mooncup is a trusted menstrual cup brand, it is currently not listed in the ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods) and therefore cannot be sold within Australia.

There has also been much confusion over the Mooncup name. In the United Kingdom (it’s country of origin) it is known as the Mooncup, however, in the US it is known as the MCUK (Mooncup UK). Unfortunately another company in the US registered the name Mooncup before the original Mooncup was made available there. For this reason, they called all their US stock MCUK. It’s exactly the same cup made by exactly the same company – just using a different name.

Trusted brands of Menstrual cups tend to be much of a muchness. The main differences between them are their capacity, cup length, and cup diameter (top opening).  These differences can be of importance if you have a high or low cervix, or a heavy menstrual flow etc.Mooncup dimensions

While you can’t yet purchase the Mooncup in Australia, we do have some very similar alternatives. As you can see in the tables below, if you are requiring the smaller size Mooncup (B) (usually for women less than 30yrs old who have not given birth vaginally), then the most similar alternative is the Model 1 Diva Cup, being very similar in length, capacity, and cup diameter.

If you were requiring the larger size Mooncup (A) (usually for women over 30 years who have delivered vaginally), then the closest alternatives would be the Juju Cup (model 2) or the Lunette Cup (model 2), again being much the same as the Mooncup in capacity, length, and diameter.

If and/or when the Mooncup becomes available in Australia, you will be able to find it on MCA Online.

Diva Cup vs Mooncup comparison (smaller size)

Cup BrandMaterialCountry of ManufactureStem TypeStem LengthCup Length (from rim to base)Total Length (from rim to end of stem)Cup CapacityCup DiameterColoursApprovals
Diva Cup - Model 1Medical Grade SiliconeCanadaHollow17mm53mm70mm30ml43mmClear onlyFDA and TGA approval. Only cup approved for sale in Canada
Mooncup (MCUK) size B (smaller)Medical Grade SiliconeUnited KingdomHollow21mm50mm71mm28.8ml43mmClear onlyFDA clearance (certified) - NOT TGA approved

Juju and Lunette Cups vs Mooncup comparison (larger size)

Model 2 Brand (Larger Sizes)MaterialCountry of OriginStem TypeStem LengthCup Length (from rim to base)Total Length (from rim to end of stem)Cup CapacityCup DiameterColoursApprovals
JuJu Cup - Model 2Medical Grade SiliconeAustraliaPointy19mm50mm69mm40ml46mmClear onlyTGA approval.
Lunette Cup - Model 2Medical Grade SiliconeFinlandFlat20mm52mm72mm30ml46mm5 colours including clearFDA and TGA approval.
Mooncup (MCUK) model A (larger size)Medical Grade SiliconeUnited KingdomHollow21mm50mm71mm29.3ml46mmClear onlyFDA clearance (certified) - NOT TGA approved
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