Mia Amika Menstrual Cup

Mia Amika LogoMia Amika is a mother and teenage daughter initiative; providing women with an Australian-owned alternative to single-use sanitary products. Distributed from the Gold Coast, the Mia Amika is one of the longest stemmed cups on the market. The regular size measures an impressive 85mm long, making it the best option for women with a very high and hard to find cervix. Because the stem itself is long, it can be trimmed, making this cup just as suitable for women with a more mid height cervix. 

We decided to ask the Australian founders of the Mia Amika cup a few questions to find out more about the company. These were their answers:

1. Why did you decide to create the Mia Amika menstrual cup?

Two menstruating women in the house highlighted to us the unsustainability of single-use period products, and made us passionate menstrual cup advocates. We wanted to give Aussie women a cup that:

  • has a grippy, textured stem making it super easy to remove, as some short stemmed cups can be difficult to grab without slipping

  • has a lovely long stem, catering to all those women out there who have experienced a “stuck cup” episode and may be scared to try again

  • is suitable for both high and low  cervixes as the stem can be trimmed to suit lower cervixes too (its actually the longest stem available on the Australian market as far as we know). 

  • is soft and comfortable

We think the most daunting thing about using a cup for the first time is the prospect of removal once its in, which is why we think the Mia Amika long and textured stem will give women added confidence to give it a go. 

2. What would you consider the greatest benefit from using a menstrual cup?

The best thing about our job is knowing we are providing an alternative to single use period products and stopping some of those billions of discarded period products ending up in landfill or oceans. 

3. What do you think is the greatest/most common challenge for a first time cup user?

We think that most women are concerned about the environment and would love an alternative to single use products, but are reluctant to try menstrual cups for a couple of reasons: They are put off by the thought of getting up close and and personal with their period blood, and feel daunted about the prospect of insertion and removal and the initial time and effort investment in perfecting these techniques. So, the biggest challenges for the menstrual cup industry is changing women’s views about these things and getting info about the huge benefits of using a cup to all Australian women. One way to do this is to introduce girls to cups in primary school when they are given the “puberty” talk – which is why we supply menstrual cup demo samples to schools and education charities. They may not be ready to use them until later in their teens, but at least the seed has been planted and awareness has been created. 

4. What would you consider the greatest benefit from using a menstrual cup?

For us, the biggest plus about menstrual cups are their eco-friendliness. Our planet cannot survive the continued use of single use plastics! But of course, there are also the health and economic benefits. The older part of the Mia Amika team is sad she discovered cups late in her menstrual life, and the younger part of Mia Amika is happy she has a lifetime of non-toxic, eco-friendly period protection ahead of her!!

Women tell us that using a menstrual cup has revolutionised their periods. That’s why our strap line is “Revolutionary. Period”. Because that’s what we hope our cup, and all cups out there, does for women and the environment – revolutionises!!

5. Are there any initiatives/partnerships or donations that you are involved with to help provide period dignity to women (locally or internationally) who may not have easy access to appropriate period care knowledge and/or products?

  • Mia Amika pledges to sponsor the planting of 1 tree for every cup sold with  Ecologi.com, however to date we have surpassed this pledge, sponsoring 1.5 trees per cup sold. 
  • Mia amika makes a yearly donation of cups to Share the Dignity, an Australian charity providing menstrual products to Australian women in need. 
  • Mia Amika donates cups to the Kalwun Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Service. 
  • Mia Amika provides education samples to Life Education QLD and primary and high schools for the purpose of introducing new menstruaters to eco-friendly, effective and economical alternatives to single-use period products. 

6. If there was one thing you could say to a woman contemplating trying a menstrual cup what would it be?

Make the Change – For You, The Planet and Your Budget!!!


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