How nixit Helps Provide Dignity to Others

nixit strive to be gender inclusive in all that they do. They understand that not all women get their period and not only women menstruate. Currently, nixit have nixit Menstrual Cup Tealestablished two partnerships with local, Canadian-based organizations that are working to target menstrual equity in their local communities.

The first of these is Twelve. Twelve is a Toronto based organization working with homeless shelters, organizations and individuals who need menstrual products. They are working towards making menstruation conversations mainstream and to eliminate the taboos that surround periods.

The second partnership is with Period Packs. This is an Ottawa-based organization that works to supply their local community with menstrual products. It is their vision that people who menstruate can manage their cycles safely and with dignity. They want to create an environment where menstruation is accepted, celebrated and always on the agenda.

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