GladRags reusable menstrual pads

We’re pleased to say that GladRags will soon be available for you to purchase here in Australia!


Two of the primary reasons many women are shifting to the use of menstrual cups over disposable feminine hygiene products is to reduce landfill and to save on the costs of consistently buying disposable products. As much as we love our menstrual cups, sometimes, there is still a need for a pad. It may just be a pantyliner to absorb potential menstrual leakage or for women who suffer mild incontinence. Other women still aren’t quite convinced about trying a menstrual cup but would like to reduce landfill and save money. That’s where GladRags come in! It wasn’t that long ago that women used rags and towelling as period pads, because disposable products were unheard of. It’s much like cloth nappies. Cloth diapers were all our grandparents ever knew. There is an increasing shift back towards these reusable products, andGladrags Australia with today’s advances in technology and fabric, we can enjoy ‘reusable’ products in a much more comfortable and stylish way. Much like menstrual cups, cloth menstrual pads are good for the planet, good for your wallet, and good for you. So, is it really worth making the switch you ask? and can you really overcome the ‘yuck’ factor of washing and re-using your pads? Well, here is why we think cloth pads like GladRags are worth a try:

Cloth pads are better for the planet

Did you know that one menstruating woman can use between 12 000 – 16 000 disposable pads, tampons, and pantyliners during her life? Now multiply that by the world population of menstruating women. That’s a lot of landfill! Not to mention the extra waste from the packaging the disposable products are shipped and sold in. Cloth period pads will last for years and because GladRags are plastic free, their is little environmental impact caused during their manufacturing.

Better for your wallet

We don’t need to bore you with figures here. We’re sure you have a rough idea as to how much you spend each month on disposable feminine hygiene products. Times that amount by 12 months and then by the number of years a woman menstruates, and you’ll discover that you are literally throwing away a lot of hard earned cash. While the up front investment in products like GladRags and menstrual cups may seem high, it works out considerably cheaper over the long run.

Good for your body

GladRags and many other cloth pads are free from plastics, artificial fragrances, adhesives, and chemical gels. That means that the sensitive parts of your body will not be exposed to unnecessary synthetic ingredients which can lead to irritation for some women.

So why choose GladRags?

  • They are very absorbent and they have been designed with flaps that snap around your underwear to act like wings, helping to protect your pants from leaks. They are breathable and comfortable, containing no nylon or waterproof backing.
  • GladRags are handmade in the USA in a safe environment in which workers are fairly treated.
  • If properly looked after, your GladRags products are made to last for at least 5 years.

We are expecting the GladRags stock to be available for purchase through MCA online store in early October.

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