Would you gift a Menstrual Cup?

Christmas is just around the corner and you may be trying to think of a unique gift for friends and family. Have you considered gifting a menstrual cup to your Menstrual cup Christmas presentmothers, sisters, or female friends? We may all sit on different sides of the fence regarding this idea. For some women, a menstrual cup has been such a wonderful thing for them, that all they want to do is tell everyone they know about them. For these ladies, the thought of gifting a cup may be a great idea. For other women, talking about menstruation is still a bit of a taboo topic, so the idea of talking about, let alone giving a cup as a gift is not even considered. Others of us might love the idea of giving a cup to a friend, but are unsure as to how it will be received. And, let’s be honest, if the recipient has never heard about menstrual cups before, there may be a little awkward silence once they unwrap their gift.

Wherever you sit on the spectrum, giving a cup is certainly a gift option this Christmas. And if you’re not ready to take that step yet, then there are always birthdays. If you are unsure, perhaps try talking about cups with your friends, and sharing your experiences. If they seem interested, then why not take the plunge and gift one. If they don’t like the idea, then maybe you better look for an alternative present for this year.

So, have you ever gifted a menstrual cup? or would you consider gifting one to a friend or family member?

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